Download the package files as soon as possible

I need a solution

I’m struggling to determine the effect of the ‘Download the package files as soon as possible’ option on the Targeted Agent Settings page.

When the option is unchecked my clients have been online for 7 days+ and still haven’t downloaded any packages. Checking the download details of the policy on the client, all download information is blank, no package location etc. If I check the ‘Download as soon as possible’ option, and update config on client, all packages start downloading immediately.

How does this option work, and is it working correctly?




how to bypass Internal Server Error

after i bypass this error message the server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. i find that i have another mistake when i upload the SSI web shell and run my command curl -o root.php wget …


7021958: curl/zypper fail with DEFAULT_SUSE error after upgrade to NAM 4.4 on SLES 12 SP1,SP2

curl/zypper on SLES 12 SP1, SP2 with NAM 4.2.2 working fine. After upgrading to NAM 4.4 which comes with eDirectory 9.0.3, these commands fail with DEFAULT_SUSE error.

44sles12sp2:~ # curl

curl: (59) failed setting cipher list: DEFAULT_SUSE

44sles12sp2:~ # zypper up

Refreshing service ‘SUSE_Linux_Enterprise_Server_12_SP2_x86_64’.

Problem retrieving the repository index file for service ‘SUSE_Linux_Enterprise_Server_12_SP2_x86_64’:

Download (curl) error for ‘’:

Error code: Curl error 59

Error message: failed setting cipher list: DEFAULT_SUSE