The Other Half of the 5G Story

5G is not just about building a new telecom network or standard – that’s only half the story. What about the story of how telecom is intersecting with other industries, industrial plants, transport infrastructure companies, oil fields and ships, all of whom are leveraging 5G and LTE technology, to transform their business models? Picture everything from oil rigs in the North Sea reporting their daily yield back to base, search and rescue missions at sea, companies connecting buildings for efficient energy usage, and industrial plants making medicines. Smart factories As a case in point, ABB Power … READ MORE


Time not getting sync on XenServer with NTP

High NTP offset and jitter while delay is low. This can be seen with “ntpq -p”.

Offset is the time difference between the local server and remote

Jitter is the difference between the last and current offset measurements, thus if it is high, it means that the offset is increasing more over time.

Delay is the time that it takes to communicate with the remote server. A low delay means that the issue is not related to network delays.

This measurements tell that NTP is not being able to discipline the clock as it drifts faster than it is able to sync.


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Process SVC-UXI failed alarm

This issue is fixed in ATM release

Currently the following steps can be used to resolve this issue.

Perform steps in diagnostic mode as shell commands on affected node.

  • Check PID of SVC-UXI process
bmcli> show maintenance process 2/blm-4Run Level: Running Restarts Restarts Process Name PID Expected Unexpected Last Start Time------------------------ ----------- ------------ -------------- --------------------------....SVC-UXI 13207 0 34 Mon Apr 27 13:24:20 2015..bmcli>
  • To reset the shared memory for uxid process use the following command at the ASM:
# /opt/bmi/bin/uxi_tools --resetall

Once the above step is completed the issue should be resolved.

  • Verify that process is up and running and no more alarms are activated:
bmcli> show maintenance process 2/blm-4Run Level: Running Restarts Restarts Process Name PID Expected Unexpected Last Start Time------------------------ ----------- ------------ -------------- --------------------------....SVC-UXI 5687 1 34 Mon Apr 27 14:11:35 2015..bmcli>bmcli> show alarms activeAlarm Id Alarm No. Sev ID Type Timestamp-------- --------- ---- -------- ----- -------------------------bmcli> 

In the event that the issue is not resolved then the next step is the UXI process.

  • To restart the uxid process
bmcli> enablebmcli# maintenance process 2/blm-4 SVC-UXI restartRestarting SVC-UXIbmcli#

If the issue still occurs restart the APP-Proxy (webproxy) process.

  • To restart the webproxy process
bmcli> enablebmcli# maintenance process 2/blm-4 APP-Proxy restartRestarting APP-Proxybmcli#



In most cases the steps above should resolve the issue but there can be some exceptions where a full ASM node reboot may be needed..


Re: how to modify WAN IP address of one cluster when it is connected with others

“Unless IPs on these clusters should be changed as well”. Was changed. From DM. On both sites. Each site is reconfigured correctly, but from the local cluster point of view, remote cluster is on the old IPs. I’m looking for the option “connected cluster modification wizzard”. To remove cluster to add it again, I will have to remove all the staff from the clustered pair first …


I have returned to the original WAN IP addresses and reconfigured network to be able to use both old and new IP. But it changed conditions – separated networks –> common network.

In this new scenario:

1. I have changed the first WAN IP address (cluster A new WAN_IPs with new routing/gateway, cluster B old WAN_IP). OK – WAN address of the modified cluster A propagated to the Cluster B as a new WAN address of the remote cluster A.

2. After all was green (groups still paused) I have changed cluster B WAN IP (and routing). After a few seconds information about new WAN IP of the cluster B was propagated to the cluster A. Finished

3. Start replication.

Separated networks:

But if after the first change I will loose ip connectivity (new ip address of cA is unable to access old ip of cB) and next will occurre the second change of the WAN_IP of cB, when cB has NOW no connectivity to cA –> and next cable reconnect to the new WAN, I don’t know.

IF the new WAN IP of cA was transferred to the cB and NEXT WAN_IP of cA was changed THAN after changing WAN_IP of cB and reconnection both clusters to the new network:

cB connects to the already changed WAN_IP of cA (from new WAN IP)

cA is being informed by cB about new WAN_IP of cB

Someone tested it?


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Netstat.db-wal grows out of control again at 14.0 MP2

I need a solution

We have a same issue like before. The netstat.db-wal very large file and continues to increase in size. We don’t know the permanent solution (temporary solution, if stop the smc and after we start again).
I know that, there  were some article in this topic (, but our case is a little bit differece. 
Our SEP is working in the ABB800xa DCS (distributed control system) automation system, and we have not internet connection. We need to use some special policy (approved by ABB),and need to update by manualy.
My question that, how we can update the SEP (how we need to download and install the hotfix )?

There is the version of my SEP:


Thank you for the answer!!