Error: “An unknown error has occurred.” on Citrix Studio

Four working DDCs and two non-working DDCs are present in the environment.

Evicted two working DDCs from site:

  • As controller software was removed from these servers prior to eviction, generated the evict script from a working controller.
  • Modified the evict.txt file and added the non-working controller machine accounts and SIDs.

Studio is still not functioning after eviction.

Ran Get-ConfigRegisteredServiceInstace | Measure

For a 7.9 broker, we should have 55 services per server – Total of 220.

In this case it shows 275 services, indicating removed broker services are still registered.

Ran Get-ConfigRegisteredServiceInstance | select serviceaccount, serviceinstanceuid | sort-object -property serviceaccount > c:registeredinstances.txt to find the UID of registered services for the evicted controllers. The command was run on a working controller and the evicted controller did not run the command. (404 not found error)

One of the two evicted controllers had 55 registered instances.

Ran Unregister-ConfigRegisteredServiceInstance -serviceinstanceuid <UID> on the working controller to unregister service instances of non-working controller.

Studio is functional again and the four working controllers are listed.


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**Ryuk Ransomware Attack**The City of Memphis is limiting access to Collierville’s network

I need a solution

Good day,

Seems like a Collierville TN. was hit with a ransomware attack. Collierville is a community in metro Memphis.

From what we are understanding, it was hit with the ryuk ransomware. Does anyone have any symantec configurations for this or any similar type of 


Thanks for your help in advance.




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VNX 7500 – expanding a LUN has not worked

I have tried to expand a LUN (concat) with another 50GB.

The wizard said it had completed successfully.

But, the original size still shows – 3450GB

When I go thru the wizard again, it says Current user capacity 3450GB, but Max 3500GB as though it has worked but is somehow stuck.

Any ideas on a fix?

reboot SPA/SPB?

Its not easy to get the logs off as its a secure client


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capture of data as a list ( or other way)

i have a serious problem
how can i capture the data from the box 1 ( there are 5 fields) (see capture) and then capture the data from the box 2 ( there are 5 similar fields) . the box 2 is not static , may be exists or not, by maybe there will be also a similar box 3 could you propose me a way to do it. is it possible to get all the data in one field from the box1 and then to another field from box2 and so on
thanks in advance![alt text][1]

[1]: /answers/storage/temp/13029-capture.jpg


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