Symantec Cloud Hosted Endpoint Email Alert information

I need a solution

Hey there, we have quite a number of customer’s each who have their own subscription to the symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition – Hosted Endpoint / Cloud symantec a/v product.

Any of the email alerts about blocked files/sites, viruses, licensing issues, etc go to an email address for the customer but we get them all as they are email aliases on one of our accounts. 

The issue we have, is the emails are all the same and there is no identifying information about what client it is for. The only way to figure it out, unless the computer name happens to indicate which client it is, is to open up the email headers and scroll down and find the “to” field and see the email it was sent to.

Is there a way to just embed the customer and contact name inside the email that is sent out? This seems like such a small thing, yet it’s huge for us. I am including a sample email screenshot to show you what we see, and with a generic name there is no way to know who this is for without wasting time trying to figure it out.