Email Encryption Working

I need a solution

We need to know when a user(outside) replies to an encrypted email, does it come back to Outlook mailbox as normal mail, or does the user requires opening the portal to get to the emails?

I will appreciate if you can share details on how the process works.

Thank you



501 Connection rejected by policy [7.7] 9606

I need a solution


Trying to send an email to a client came back the error:

(host[] refused to talk to me: 501 Connection rejected by policy [7.7] 9606, please visit for more details about this error message.)

Is it possible to remove our IP from the block list?




Re: Email Import using Standard Import

Hello Bhuvana,

I think the emails get deleted from the mailbox once a batch is created by SI

If you need a copy of the email stored in the mailbox, you may use Email Forwarding functionality (Where a copy of the received email was forwarded to a backup mailbox) or you may create a new folder inside your Inbox and push a copy of mail to the new folder from Inbox after which configure SI profile to pick emails from the new folder.

Hope the above helps.


Naresh Kumar


Microsoft Exchange Server Mailbox Manager failed to send the following message:Subject: %1Recipient: %2Error: %3

Product: Exchange
Event ID: 9313
Source: MSExchangeSA
Version: 6.5.7596.0
Message: Microsoft Exchange Server Mailbox Manager failed to send the following message:Subject: %1Recipient: %2Error: %3

This Error event occurs if Microsoft ® Exchange Server cannot send Exchange Mailbox Manager reports to the recipient listed in the description of this event. Possible causes of this error are the following:

  • The mailbox is disconnected.

  • There are message size restrictions on the mailbox or mailboxes.

User Action

To resolve this error, do one or more of the following:

  • Make sure that there is a mailbox connected to the recipient object specified in the event description.

  • Make sure that message size restrictions are not preventing Exchange from delivering Mailbox Manager reports to the recipient specified in the event description.

  • Restart the Exchange System Attendant service.

For more information about resolving this error, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article 322062, XADM: Mailbox Manager Does Not Send Reports and Does Not Log Any Error Messages.


Troubleshoot errors: Exchange – Mailbox has Exceeded Maximum Mailbox Size

ERROR – The mailbox for has exceeded the maximum mailbox size. This mailbox cannot send or receive messages. Incoming messages to this mailbox are returned to sender. The mailbox owner should be notified about the condition of the mailbox as soon as possible.

Most organizations implement mailbox quotas on their Exchange. While this policy is good for managing disk space and enforce users to clean up their mailboxes, this also poses a challenge for individual users when they exceed their quota. In this case the user has exceeded their send and receive quota. Even though it is recommended to monitor mailbox quotas on a regular basis through custom Exchange reporting, many organizations fail to do this because of the effort required and the IT support team works in a reactive way.

In most cases it is the end-user who reports to the IT support staff that they cannot receive or send email messages anymore. The IT support staff may engage in various levels of troubleshooting to finally come into a conclusion that this issue is mail quota related and can then advice the user to clean up some room – or increase the quota for the user.

This troubleshooting process can be removed when bringing Exchange servers under Intelligent Monitoring – mailbox quota events are picked up by monitoring and an alert is generated. This allows the IT support staff to respond to the issue before the end-user even notices the issue. This, in turn, can greatly improve the IT support staff efficiency and improve end-user perception of IT service level.