Xendesktop ‘Site Test’ might fail when the network connectivity among Delivery Controllers in different satellite zones is blocked.

The site test might fail when the network connectivity among Delivery Controllers in different satellite zones is blocked.

Test fails with below exception,



System.InvalidOperationException Sequence contains no elements

at System.Linq.Enumerable.Single[TSource](IEnumerable`1 source)

at Citrix.Console.PowerShellSdk.EnvironmentTestService.Scripts.RunTestTaskScript.UpdateProgress(Guid taskId)

at Citrix.Console.PowerShellSdk.EnvironmentTestService.Scripts.RunTestTaskScript.RunScript()

at Citrix.Console.PowerShellInteraction.PowerShellScript`1.Run()

at Citrix.Console.Shared.UI.Tests.TestLauncher.Start()

at Citrix.Console.DeliveryCenter.UI.Mmc.Commands.ExecuteDeliveryCenterTestCommand`1.ExecuteWithItem(T item, IProgressReporter reporter, Canceller canceller)

at Citrix.Console.Common.OperationTimer.TimeBlock(Action operation)

at Citrix.Console.CommonControls.ProgressDisplay.GenericProgressOperationWithFeedBack.PerformOperationInternal()

at Citrix.Console.CommonControls.ProgressDisplay.ProgressWindowOperation.PerformOperation()

at Citrix.Console.CommonControls.ProgressDisplay.ProgressWindowViewModel.PerformAction(Action operationComplete)

DesktopStudio_PowerShellHistory : Run Tests

New-EnvTestDiscoveryTargetDefinition -AdminAddress “DDC.domain.com:80” -TestSuiteId “Infrastructure” | Set-Variable -Name “testTarget0”

Get-Variable -Name @(“testTarget0″) -ValueOnly | Start-EnvTestTask -AdminAddress “DDC.domain.com:80” -RunAsynchronously

Remove-Variable -Name “testTarget0”

From the eventvwr, we also noticed that Citrix.Env.Test.exe service crashed due to an unhandled exception.



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XenMobile/Endpoint Management: Cloud Gear Icon returning “this page isn’t working HTTP ERROR 400”


error “this page isn’t working HTTP ERROR 400” may be displayed when trying to access the Cloud XenMobile / Endpoint Management Client instance when customers go to their own xxxx.xm.cloud and then click on the Could Gear Icon from the green tool bar at the top

User-added image

Doing so, will return “this page isn’t working HTTP ERROR 400”

User-added image


It was confirmed the actual recommended method for all customers to access the XenMobile / Endpoint Management Console is via https://citrix.cloud.com


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Citrix App Layering | Adding version to OS Layer failing with error “Failed to duplicate layer. Please ensure that Windows was shut down properly.”

Adding version to OS Layer failing with error “Failed to duplicate layer. Please ensure that Windows was shut down properly”.

Screenshot of the error:

User-added image

On the ELM logs, we would see the below errors:

2021-07-14 09:20:34,824 INFO DefaultPool2 CopyPartitionByNtfsCloneJobStep: Cloning NTFS from block device /dev/nbd946p1 to /dev/nbd947p1

2021-07-14 09:20:34,875 ERROR DefaultPool2 CopyPartitionByNtfsCloneJobStep: NtfsClone failure (exitCode 1), repository reports 2760335364096 bytes remaining out of 3297175932928 bytes total

2021-07-14 09:20:34,880 ERROR DefaultPool2 CopyPartitionByNtfsCloneJobStep: NtfsClone failure: ERROR: Volume ‘/dev/nbd946p1’ is scheduled for a check or it was shutdown uncleanly. Please boot Windows or use the –force option to progress.

2021-07-14 09:20:34,880 ERROR DefaultPool2 JobStepEnumerator: Job step failed: MessageId=FailedNtfsClone, DefaultTitle=, CategoryData={[ExternalToolFailure { Call = “/usr/sbin/ntfsclone”, Args = “-O /dev/nbd947p1 /dev/nbd946p1”, Output = “”, Error = “ntfsclone v2018.3.1AR.1 (libntfs-3g)”, ErrorCode = 1 }]}

2021-07-14 09:20:34,880 INFO DefaultPool2 JobInterceptor: FinalizeLayerJob for JobId ‘768d6e’ has failed


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Service on ADC shows DOWN with monitor error: “No MIP/SNIP available”

To resolve this issue, complete the following steps:

  1. Make sure that SNIP for the subnet you are trying to connect to is added on the ADC.
  2. Verify if there exits a route in that Subnet. If the route does not exist then add the route using add route command.

    Note:- you might get this error if you have two default routes. Check the show route output and delete one route after confirming from the customer.
  3. Alternatively, you can also create a Net profile with the SNIP that you configired and then Bind it to Service / Service Group to make sure that monitor probes are initiated with that SNIP .


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Storefront upgrade from fails from 3.12 to 3.14 – 'CitrixStoreFront-x64.exe' component failed to install with error 0x00000643

Storefront upgrade from fails from 3.12 to 3.14 – ‘CitrixStoreFront-x64.exe’ component failed to install with error 0x00000643

These lines appear in the logs.

09:11:45.4298 : XenDesktopSetup:Starting synchronous process ‘C:tempCitrix_Virtual_Apps_and_Desktops_7_1808_2x64StoreFrontCitrixStoreFront-x64.exe’ with args ‘-silent -WINDOWS_CLIENT “C:tempCitrix_Virtual_Apps_and_Desktops_7_1808_2Citrix Receiver and Plug-insWindowsReceiverCitrixWorkspaceApp.exe” -INSTALLDIR “C:Program FilesCitrixReceiver StoreFront”‘

09:12:57.1065 : XenDesktopSetup:Process completed with error code 0x00000643

09:12:57.1085 $ERR$ : XenDesktopSetup:InstallComponent: Failed to install component ‘StoreFront’. ‘CitrixStoreFront-x64.exe’ component failed to install with error 0x00000643.

09:12:57.1085 $ERR$ : XenDesktopSetup:Recording installation failure. ‘CitrixStoreFront-x64.exe’ component failed to install with error 0x00000643.

09:12:57.1085 PROC : XenDesktopSetup:InstallComponent: Exit

09:12:57.1085 : XenDesktopSetup:Install tasks for this session have finished.


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“Your Operation is Canceled.”Receiver 4.5 – Scan and 4.6 -USB Redirection Failing on Receiver for Windows 4.6

A public fix for this case issue has been released, and is available for download.

ref: https://www.citrix.com/downloads/citrix-receiver/

The issue is documented in the current documentation.

ref: http://docs.citrix.com/en-us/receiver/windows/4-7/about/fixed-issues.html

◦Citrix Receiver for Windows 4.5 and 4.6 might fail to perform the scan function with the following error message:

“Your operation is canceled.”



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“.NET Framework Initialization Error” on Receiver

This article is intended for Citrix administrators and technical teams only.

Non-admin users must contact their company’s Help Desk/IT support team and can refer to CTX297149 for more information.

If a computer has .NET Framework version 4 installed and there are no older versions of the .NET Framework, .NET Framework initialization error messages are displayed in the following scenarios:

  • Scenario 1: When you start Citrix Receiver earlier than version 3.0 from the Start menu, the following error message is displayed:

    "ControlPanel.exe - .NET Framework Initialization ErrorUnable to find a version of the runtime to run this application."

    Note: Citrix Receiver earlier than version 3.0 does not start automatically during installation.

  • Scenario 2: Citrix Receiver Updater 3.0 for Windows is installed without errors. The first time you select the Preferences option, the Citrix Receiver – Preference dialog box is not displayed. The .NET initialization error message is displayed. This message is not displayed during subsequent attempts.

    Note: Occasionally, the Updater.exe – .NET Framework Initialization Error message is displayed.

  • Scenario 3: When you start the Citrix Receiver Settings applet from the Windows Control panel, the .NET Framework initialization error message is displayed.

Occasionally, application error messages are displayed in addition to the .NET Framework initialization error messages.


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Receiver for Mac 12.1 displays Error “The remote SSL peer sent a bad MAC alert ” and sessions are disconnected

Update: This issue has been fixed in the latest version of Citrix Receiver for Mac.

Fixed an issue where sessions would disconnect resulting in an error message indicating that “The remote SSL peer sent a bad MAC Alert.” [LC4367]

For more information, refer to Citrix Documentation – Fixed issues in Citrix Receiver for Mac 12.


  • Enable Session Reliability
  • Uninstall Receiver for Mac 12.1 and re-install 12.0 (this version does not have the issue).

Refer to the download site for further information: 12.1 download page


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