Send a Document for Signature in ShareFile

1. To send a document for signature from ShareFile, right-click on the document and select Send for Signature.

Right clicking the document will provide a list of actions

2. You will be redirected to your RightSignature account. The document will upload to RightSignature. Add additional documents to send for signature if necessary.

3. When done, click Prepare Document.

The document will then be uploaded to RightSignature automatically.

4. Enter the signers’ name and email address.

Note: Email addresses for each signer needs to be unique.
Note: If you add multiple signers to a single document, you can designate signers to their own Request Field. After placing a Request Field in the document, double-click the field to open up additional options. Use the drop-down menu to assign the appropriate signer to complete the field. Read more about available fields and annotations here.

5. When finished, click Next: Place Fields.

Next, input the full name and email address of the document signers.

6. On the next screen, you will create the request and annotation fields for the document signers.

7. When finished, click Next: Review.

Next you can place the fields in which your signers can input information and signature.

8. Finally, add or edit a customized name and message, add CC’s, and add an optional document passcode.

9. Click Send or Save Document when done.

The Review step allow for you to apply a personalized message and add any additional CC's to the document.

10. Once completed, the signed document will upload to the ShareFile folder it was sent from (with “-signed” added to the file name).

Once signed by all parties, the document will automatically return, signed and completed, to the folder in which it was sent.


Slow Transfers While Downloading From or Uploading to ShareFile

Numerous factors outside of ShareFile’s control could potentially impact your overall download or upload speed.

Size – Large files take longer to download/upload than small files. Many small files can take longer to download than one large file. Deep folder structures take longer to download/upload than simpler folder structures

ISP Capability

  • Your download or upload speed may vary depending on the quality of your connection, the presence of other users on your network such as in a shared or office environment, and various other factors related to your ISP. If your download or upload speeds are not satisfactory, please check your connection and consult your ISP.
  • If you are a customer located in the United States and would like to know more about national broadband availability and advertised vs actual average speeds, click here to view a 2015 study conducted by the Federal Communications Commission.
  • In the event that ShareFile is experiencing a significant issue with storage servers or infrastructure that is impacting customer downloads or uploads, real-time updates will be posted at You can subscribe to be alerted about future occurrences by phone or email.

Geographic Proximity

  • Under normal circumstances, the farther your data has to travel, the longer it will take to download/upload. ShareFile servers are located in multiple locations around the world. If your account’s files are stored primarily on the eastern coast of the US, for example, then upload or download speeds from China or Australia may be impacted by geographic proximity.
  • If you believe you are communicating with servers that are geographically distant to your working location, please reach out to ShareFile customer support about updating your primary storage server.


Citrix Files WebApp: How to Upload a File

When viewing a folder, there are multiple ways to upload a file. You can:

  • Drag your files right into the web browser
  • Access the blue circular Action Button and choose Upload.

User-added image

NOTE: Citrix recommends waiting for uploads to finish before navigating away from the folder menu.

No Upload Button?

You can only upload files to folders to which you have Upload Permissions. If you do not see the Create Folder or Create Shared Folder options, or do not have the blue action button at all, contact your Workspace administrator to obtain Upload permissions.


  • You cannot upload more than 10,000 items into an individual folder.
  • While you can upload files up to 10GB or 100GB, depending on plan level, any upload that takes longer than 18 hours to complete will fail.


What file formats can I upload?

Any file type may be uploaded to Citrix Files WebApp.

NOTE: Not all file types may be previewed.

What is the maximum file size I can upload?

Workspace supports the upload and download of files up to 10GB or 100GB in size, depending on plan level. If your upload process cannot be completed within 18 hours, Workspace recommends breaking your upload into smaller segments.


Set Up ShareFile and Microsoft Teams

ShareFile should be listed as a Cloud Storage option within Microsoft Teams, under the Files tab.

User-added image

Files > Add Cloud Storage > ShareFile > Sign into ShareFile (enter your credentials)

Once signed in, you can access ShareFile files right from your Teams account.

ShareFile missing from the Cloud Storage list?

  • If ShareFile isn’t listed, you may need to enable ShareFile for your Teams account.
  • Your Office 365 Admin should sign into the Admin Portal and navigate to Settings > Services & Add-Ins > Microsoft Teams > (Turn on ShareFile).

Note: On-Prem Accounts + Requirements

Customers using Citrix storage zones controller to store files in an on-prem environment will need to have set up the following in order to access files via Microsoft Teams.


FAQ – File sharing request

I’m a client receiving a file request. What do I do?

When a ShareFile user sends you a Share a File link with the “Require User to Login” option checked, you will be asked to create a ShareFile account in order to access the link you have received. If the ShareFile user sent you a file request via the ShareFile Email System, you will receive an email with a link, as shown below.

  1. Click the link to activate your account.
  2. Before you can upload files, you must set a password for your account. For security reasons, please do not close the browser window or navigate away from this page until you have configured your password. If the ShareFile user does not permit users to set their own passwords, your password will be displayed here.
  3. Once you have set your password and clicked Save, you can upload files.

I closed the window before setting my password. How should I proceed now?

Don’t worry. Simply return to the original email message and click on the link again. Instead of a password configuration page, you will be sent a new email message. Check your Inbox for a new email message containing an activation code. This code must be entered in the field shown above within one hour.

Why do I have multiple emails with activation codes? Which one should I use?

  • The first time you click the link in your message, you will be taken to the password configuration page shown further up in this section.
  • If you clicked the link but then didn’t finish setting your password information, an activation code will be generated every time you click the link in the original email message.
  • In order to verify your account, you must use the most recent activation code in your Inbox.