How to authenticate FileNet Web Service Client using LTPA token in WebSphere?

We are trying to connect to FileNet (v 5.2) Content Engine Web Service using a client inside a web application deployed on WebSphere (v 8.5.5).

The web application is using LTPA (Active Directory) authentication, which is configured for WebSphere.

The web service requires WS-Security header, if I use usernameToken it works fine, but I want it to be configured or obtained from the WebSphere instead.

Any help is appreciated.



Running LDAP as a container or Authenticate locally (within WAS Liberty) without a separate LDAP

I am in the process of trying ECM Containers I am having issues getting docker running on my work laptop (possibly due to Anti-virus / Firewall / Proxy). If I wanted to run it on another machine, the issue I see is the need for an LDAP. I wanted to know:
1. is there any FileNet supported IBM container (so I can run IBM LDAP as a container)?
(or) 2. Can we configure ldap.xml (for Websphere liberty) to authenticate a handful of users locally “without the need for a separate LDAP registry”?
(or) do you recommend any other option like installing a supported LDAP locally?



FastDoc – How to optimize pdf to export based on original file size

In my fastdoc application, i’m trying to optimize the pdfs exported to filenet.
I’m using GetFileSize in order to get the original file size (.pdf) and compare this value with a threshold size.
What’s the best way to compare these values, and what’s the better action to optimize the files?

Thanks in advance.


Properties Screen behavior


We are facing an issue with ICN entry templates. We have created the Entry Templates using the “Multiple Tabbed Layout” for showing the properties in 2 columns. It works fine for properties screen for single document but when I open properties screen after selecting multiple documents then the properties are displayed in a single column, same like how workplace xt entry templates used to show properties screen for multiple documents. Also, lookup buttons( buttons next to fields added using property Editor) are not visible. Is it the right behavior ?
We are on ICN 2.0.3 FP8 and FileNet 5.2.1



Upgrade ACCE 5.2.0, without upgrading FileNet Content Manager 5.2.0

IBM published a technote ( ) in which they announced end of support for ACCE (Administrative Console for Content Engine) after Dec. 31 2017.
And wrote in the technote “You will want to make plans to upgrade your environments to the most recent build of IBM FileNet Content Manager Administration Console for Content Platform Engine (ACCE) to version 5.2.1”.
But I don’t know how to upgrade only ACCE, without upgrading FileNet Content Manager and the other tools included). And is such a combination supported (FileNet CM 5.2.0 with ACCE 5.2.1)?
Can anyone give me more information about this?


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