Failed to download package: Bad Hash (0x80090002)

I need a solution

I created an MSI and added it to a new software release. I distributed it to all the site servers and deployed it to 3 computers along with my test computer. I had to change the MSI later on, so I had to rebuild it. I deleted the msi from the Software Library via the GUI and added my modified version. I re-distributed the package again. I normally run a SQL query to see if the package is ready:

SELECT rrsp.Name,sps.Status,vc.Name FROM RM_ResourceSoftware_Package rrsp
JOIN SWDPackageServer sps ON sps.PackageId = rrsp.Guid
JOIN vComputer vc ON vc.Guid = sps.PkgSvrId
WHERE rrsp.Name like '<%Package name%>'
order by rrsp.Name

When I deployed it to my test machine again I got the message in the logs:

PackageDownload    AeXPackageDelivery.dll    AeXNSAgent.exe    Failed to download package ‘{55555-3333-6666-7777-abcdefabcdef}’ from: \<SoftwareLibraryShare>55555-3333-6666-7777-abcdefabcdef, local blocks: 0/1, error: Bad Hash (0x80090002)

PackageDownload    AeXPackageDelivery.dll    AeXNSAgent.exe    Failed to download package ‘{55555-3333-6666-7777-abcdefabcdef}’ from:…, local blocks: 0/1, error: Bad Hash (0x80090002) 

I checked the sig and snapshot for that package on the NS and matched it with the same package on the package server. They both matched, but when I checked the same data on the endpoint via C:Program FilesAltirisAltiris AgentAgentsSoftwareManagementSoftware Delivery{55555-3333-6666-7777-abcdefabcdef}, everything is from the first time I deployed the MSI. Also, when the file gets downloaded, the MSI has 0 bytes and the task fails because it took longer than expected. I deployed it throughout the day and still the same issue. If I deploy it to a computer that never had the software, it deploys just. Any insight as to why this is happening and how to resolve it?

I have tried to delete the folder struction where the MSI is downloaded to and also deleted the whole folder C:Program FilesAltirisAltiris AgentAgentsSoftwareManagementSoftware Delivery{55555-3333-6666-7777-abcdefabcdef}. I noticed when I did that the folder {55555-3333-6666-7777-abcdefabcdef} never regenerates in C:Program FilesAltirisAltiris AgentAgentsSoftwareManagementSoftware Delivery.



Can the Management Centre be used to push a bulk list of whitelist hash values?

I do not need a solution (just sharing information)


Can the Management Centre be used to push a bulk list of whitelist hash values? My understanding is that you have to do this manually from the GUI of the CA system. However, it would be great if it can be pushed to a group of devices from the management centre.





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