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After a long stay, this HPE Networking blog is to be retired from the HPE Community. You will however be able to find data center networking content and more on Aruba Blog: blogs.arubanetworks.com.

Thank you to everyone who over the years followed this blog or subscribed to the feed and to those who contributed to the content.

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More Partner of Record Opportunities with the Commercial Preferred Channel Program

We continue to be committed to Simple. Predictable. Profitable.™ It shapes our product strategy and partner programs to help you deliver transformational IT solutions to your customers. With this in mind, at the start of Q3 we launched the Enterprise Preferred Channel Program, which identified a new ‘Enterprise Preferred’ segment under Bill Scannell’s organization and established new partner and sales offerings to win business in these accounts.

And now, we are thrilled to also announce we are extending this program to a holistic Partner Preferred Program, which is structured very similarly to the original Enterprise Preferred Channel Program, but now available across a breadth of customer segments and use cases. Our goal is to take a channel-led approach in these untapped segments so we can accelerate our Storage growth.

Here is a summary of some of the lucrative offerings available in the Partner Preferred Program to help you win:

  • More Competitive Discounts with Acquisition Deal Registration: Acquisition Deal Registration is available for eligible end user accounts in this program, available to all Partners who receive an approved registration on eligible Storage opportunities. This allows you to be more aggressive and price competitively to close deals.
  • Earned Partner of Record Opportunities: A new partner of record platform whereby if you close an eligible Storage opportunity in a whitespace account, you can formalize your status as the partner of record for Infrastructure Solution (ISG) LOBs (Storage, Server, and, if applicable, Networking) or just Storage in that account, gaining commitment from Dell EMC’s sales teams to engage with you on Dell EMC-found opportunities.
  • Compensation Protection: To further drive predictable engagement, we have instituted a commission “true-up” for our direct sales teams to ensure they receive compensation protection when they engage with partners in opportunities that qualify for Acquisition Deal Registration.

New Tools for Data Protection

Coupled with the Partner Preferred Program, the Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance DP4400 solution was released in Q2, and now we are expanding the tools available to our partners to take this new product to market – including the availability later this month of a Virtual Instructor-Led (VILT) course that will count towards training compliance within the Dell EMC Partner Program. The DP4400 is also eligible for more competitive discounting and compensation protection amongst the Dell EMC direct sales teams within the Partner Preferred Program.

Next Steps

With Partner of Record status in the Partner Preferred Program, you have the opportunity to establish a foothold within your customer accounts across the datacenter – especially in terms of engagement with Dell EMC’s direct sales organization. Plus, Acquisition Deal Registration can offer you more competitive discounting to be confident winning any deal. You can learn morehere in the Partner Portal, where we have an updated program overview and FAQ. And don’t forget to take advantage of the many sales programs in place to help you win in any IT Transformation opportunity – from Storage to Server to Data Protection.


Focus on Your Customers’ Transforming Workforce to Help Grow Your Business

Dell’s client portfolio supports customers by providing the best solutions for their transforming workforce. We understand that in today’s changing business and IT environments, a one-size-fits-all approach to employee IT needs is no longer appropriate. That’s why Dell works to arm you with products and solutions that enable customers based on their own unique needs, and which help make their workforce —and IT teams—both happy and productive.

Draper: Quickly delivering the best available tools to attract and retain talent

Draper, a not-for-profit, research and development company, focuses on the design, development and deployment of advanced technological solutions for the world’s most challenging problems, such as pioneering a sensing system for microplastics suspected to be entering the ocean’s food web at an alarming rate.

As an engineering services provider, attracting the right talent is critical to delivering value to clients. And with today’s workforce where 82% of millennials say an employer’s technology influences whether they would keep, take or decline a job *, working with Dell to provide workforce uptime and higher levels of compute can become a differentiator. With Dell, Draper delivers devices into the hands of new employees within two hours, and provides employees with the right tools for their job. From OptiPlex desktops and Latitude 2-in-1’s to ultra-sharp monitors, their specialized workforce is equipped while ensuring the protection of Draper’s intellectual property, IP on which business continuity is contingent.

McLaren Technology Group: Delivering tools to keep employees productive and engaged while reducing operating time and costs

McLaren Technology Group is made up of three companies; McLaren Racing, McLaren Automotive, and McLaren Applied Technologies. These companies design and build cutting-edge technologies for Formula 1 racing, luxury, high-performance sports cars, and innovative solutions across diverse industries.

McLaren was built on the back of a 1968 Belgian Grand Prix and exists to win. The skills, experience, and enthusiasm of the people within McLaren is the engine that drives their development, and with Dell Technologies, McLaren can deliver the right tools to its team members. From small & light Latitude laptops for travelling and office-based employees, high performance Precision machines for engineers and designers, and Rugged computers for the race track, Dell supports McLaren IT to deliver the right tools that keep employees productive and engaged, while running a common operating system that enables them to maintain relatively low management costs.

Grow your business with similar customers by driving the workforce transformation message

Go beyond the product conversation and share with your customers how cutting-edge companies like Draper and McLaren are enabling their workforce and delivering results with the support of Dell Client Solutions.

Utilize the full package of marketing assets in the workforce enablement campaign and client product personas campaign available on the Digital Marketing Platform to further the conversation and increase your profitability.

  • Click Campaigns >Browse campaigns > search Workforce Enablement
  • Click Campaigns >Browse campaigns > search Workforce Transformation Product Personas

*Source: From Dell/Intel Future Workforce Study http://www.dellworkforcestudy.com/us/


Translating Technology – Turning Bits and Bytes into Business Benefits

EMC logo

When people ask what most excites me about working for the largest privately owned technology company in the world, they are often surprised to hear that my answer focuses not so much on IT itself, but rather the vision emerging technologies are capable of providing to those companies willing to think innovatively.

In the age of digital transformation, the human/machine partnership has opened vast new channels for organizations to push the boundaries of what technology can do to help them expand their corporate reach. But this can only be accomplished when decision makers are able to properly read the blueprint for turning the chaos at the center of digital disruption into opportunity, and that means teaching them to focus not on what technology is, but what it can achieve within their organization once properly integrated.

Struggling with the pace of change

To be sure, committing to a successful digital transformation can be a daunting task for members of the C Suite, who must by necessity keep one eye focused on making sure the lights stay on. As an April 2018 IT transformation maturity study commissioned by Dell EMC and conducted by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) illustrates, the majority of today’s organizations recognize the power of emerging technologies to increase their bottom line, but are unsure as to which solutions will give them the best return on investment. The study showed that transformed organizations are more than 2x as likely to report exceeding their FY2017 revenue goals, contributing to a 2.5x greater likelihood to believe they are in a strong competitive position. And yet, a majority of companies surveyed around the world say they lack the transformation needed to remain competitive with more agile and advanced industry peers.

So why the disparity? To put it bluntly, most modern organizations still think of IT in yesterday’s terms – as a provider of email, networking, data storage and backups. But when properly understood, today’s technology is capable of so much more. The wealth of possibilities at the heart of the human/machine partnership have transformed IT from a simple service provider into a trusted business partner capable of reinventing business models, extending an organization’s reach and influencing long-term strategies. In many ways, modern IT has so deeply integrated itself into today’s market that every company is in some way a software company, regardless of the goods and services it offers or the field it is in. Take banking, for example. Who uses paper cheques  anymore? And soon, who will use cash? Before we know it, everything will be done online.

From science fiction to strategic solutions

The chaos brought about by digital disruption has led to a culture of confusion among executive decision makers. They are increasingly aware that once futuristic solutions such as artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality and machine learning are now coming into their own as field-tested tools capable of ushering in new methods for productivity. However, they are unsure how to incorporate this potential into their business. This is where we at Dell Technologies come in, and this is where my job gets interesting.

In order for an organization’s C Suite to understand the true potential behind these cutting edge solutions, we as IT providers must translate these technologies into tangibles that represent the ways in which they can specifically benefit our customers. To do this, we help them to create and realize innovative business ideas through the use of coded software that sits on solid hardware foundations. Rather than asking what a particular technology does, we want our customers to think about what they wish to accomplish, and then devise new ways of orchestrating emerging IT solutions to realize their goal.

A great example of this is Columbia Sportswear, who wanted to drive their time-to-market for customer inspired clothes by increasing their ability to collaborate between design and production departments across different sites. To help them do this, Dell EMC and VMware worked with Columbia to successfully modernize its infrastructure and take advantage of an array of new initiatives in 3D modeling, shared via the cloud. As a result, they can now get a product from their suggestion box to shop shelves in under two weeks.

Similarly, Bottling Investments Group (BIG), a part of Coca-Cola, wanted to create greater transparency and standards across its worldwide network of franchise bottlers that manufacture, package, merchandise and distribute Coca-Cola products to millions of consumers. By transitioning its SAP applications to the Virtustream Enterprise Cloud, DellEMC helped BIG devise a customized system where its bottlers can now literally “pay by the drink,” granting each individual entity direct control over managing its own costs as well as full transparency into its data.

Locally here in the UK, we are committed to helping both businesses and the Public Sector build new offerings based on technology, modernize processes using technology, and create new customer experiences through the use of technology. The possibilities are limitless.

Making the most of the human/machine collaboration

When most of us look at an airplane, we do not think of the series of engines, ailerons and rudders that go into how it flies. Instead, we focus on where that plane will take us on the next step of our journey.

For modern organizations, the same can be said of emerging technologies. By investing in the future and partnering with machines and the solutions that power them, forward thinking companies will find themselves perfectly positioned to push the boundaries of what IT can do. In doing so, they will themselves be prepared to reap the benefits of what technology can do for them, be it in terms of furthering the company’s reach or bolstering its bottom line.

This enables both parties – us as a technology provider, and our customers who use these solutions to extend their vision – to drive one another to achieve something that is greater than the sum of its parts. And that is what any good partnership is about.

I find that incredibly satisfying.


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New Marketing Tools to Help Partners Drive Customer Transformation

EMC logo

This year, we are accelerating our incredible momentum from 2017 by focusing on the four critical transformations impacting our customers: IT, Digital, Security, and Workforce. To further enable this acceleration, at the recent Global Partner Summit in Las Vegas, we launched powerful new marketing tools, trainings and materials, created with you—our partners—in mind and based entirely on your feedback. I encourage you to leverage these exciting new resources to enhance and invigorate your marketing and sales efforts:

Cheryl Cook on stage at Dell EMC Global Partner Summit 2018

Elevate Your Consultative Skills with the New IT Transformation Campaign

In today’s fast-changing world, your customers know they need to embrace Digital Transformation and evolve to stay competitive—it’s not a question of if, but when. IT Transformation is a key enabler of wider Digital Transformation, and as Dell EMC partners with access to solutions across the Dell Technologies family, you are uniquely positioned to guide your customers through this transformation and become their “go-to” technology consultant. We listened to your feedback and leveraged our own campaign—as well as a $1.5 investment in third-party industry research—to develop a comprehensive partner IT Transformation campaign to help you drive engagement and make IT Transformation real for your customers.

The campaign tells a complete, captivating story which positions the strategic value of our ISG portfolio and connects all of our ISG demand generation campaigns. Further, the IT Transformation Campaign enables your sales team to elevate the conversation to business outcomes, versus products or solutions, to drive consultative-led selling. Developed from the perspective of the buyer’s journey, the campaign delivers connected content at each step of the journey, and supports your customer nurture objectives while engaging potential prospects through digital interaction. Within the campaign, you can map technology to actual use cases and provide tangible, evidence-based assessments to further strategic conversations specific to each customer.

Within this campaign, you can also align your infrastructure services with your business services as the application experts in your customer proposals. And, of course, the option is available to sell Dell EMC Services.

To make this content easy to access and launch, we have created a new campaign within the Digital Marketing Platform, and your sales teams can access a wealth of content and supporting activation components in the Knowledge Center, all of which is available on the Partner Portal. You can also view the campaign video for additional details.

Tell the Dell Technologies Advantage & Transformation Stories

We have created a compelling story to help sales teams understand the full power of our Strategically Aligned Businesses – and now they are available to all of our partners. These videos position the value of IT, Digital, Security, and Workforce Transformation to your customers, including how to realize business outcomes by leveraging the end-to-end portfolio of Dell Technologies:

MyRewards Incentive Platform

To incentivize your teams, we launched MyRewards, a new, points-based reward program for Sales Representatives and Systems Engineers at Dell EMC Solution Providers globally* with exciting features including:

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use platform with simple navigation and personalized, engaging content
  • Simple express sales claiming to save time and earn points faster
  • Bigger, better promotions with additional benefits as partners advance from Level 1 to Top Achievers
  • Thousands of rewards including virtual prepaid cards, merchandise, events and travel experiences

Learn more about MyRewards and review the enticing Q2 promotions on the Dell EMC Partner Portal Incentives Page, and you can register here.

New Solutions Competencies

We continue to introduce new Solutions Competencies within the Dell EMC Partner Program to educate your sales teams on the new emerging trends in technology. At GPS, we announced the new Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Competency, which joins our previously launched Competencies in Software Defined Infrastructure, Hybrid Cloud, and Connected Workforce.

Additional Solutions Competencies will launch soon, to further align our education programs with our marketing platforms and resources.

Continual Improvement

We have done all these improvements with your success in mind and will continue to enhance our marketing tools, including the Digital Marketing Platform, Marketing Institute and Product Syndication.

As always, we welcome your feedback and look forward to sharing another incredible year.

*The MyRewards platform excludes Greater China, Russia, and Poland, and Authorized partners in EMEA. US Federal, OEM, GSI, and Distribution partners are not eligible for the MyRewards program.


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Global Alliances Accelerates into 2018 and Beyond

EMC logo

2017 was a legendary year for us in Global Alliances. We achieved 28 percent growth year-over-year. More business is flowing through Global Alliances than ever before. And the results are not a fluke. We’re aligned to customer demands including Digital, IT, Workforce and Security Transformation. On behalf of the entire Global Alliances team, I say a huge THANK YOU to all of you!

But we cannot rest, as the pace of change is relentless. We must accelerate our success. This week at Global Partner Summit I articulated our Global Alliances Acceleration Strategy. This four point strategy is what I often refer to as our incremental agenda. If we commit together, we can truly accelerate success.

Global Alliances Acceleration Strategy

  1. Standardize – You have to make a bet on partners to standardize on, and we want you to bet on us. We know we need to earn that right to eliminate the white space, and we are up for the challenge. With Dell Technologies, our partners have access to incredible technologies and a sales organization with multiple specialties. We want to underpin your GTM and as-a-service offerings by taking advantage of these technologies. When you have an end-to-end Dell Technologies stack we can go to battle with you and win the war. You’ve heard a number of tremendous announcements this week around our portfolio. Learn everything you can about these products and services. This is our opportunity.
  2. Expand – We must capture new and incremental business, from new logos, expanding in underpenetrated accounts, breaking into new verticals and driving a transformation motion within our current customers. Know our ASD organization, and leverage them to drive the sales to sales “at the street” relationships we need to win new business.
  3. Scale – Speaking of the Dell Technologies portfolio, we must continue to scale across our Strategically Aligned Businesses, and create dedicated practices – harnessing your great people and our enabling technologies. The powerful combination is how we will help customers address Digital, IT, Workforce and Security Transformation.
  4. Leverage – We know that the IT industry is a complicated web, with fierce competition and cooperating at the same time. Nobody can deliver everything, but no one also has the portfolio like Dell Technologies. But our partners can also benefit from each other through Cloud Partner Connect, connecting Service Providers and Solution Providers to deliver as-a-service offerings to customers.

With this acceleration strategy in place, we have the beginnings of a recipe for success. But we need to fuel the growth engine, and it all starts with a mutual plan. I might sound like a broken record by now, but I’ve said time and time again that we don’t prioritize partners, we prioritize plans. As you review your Partner Growth Plans, I encourage all of our partners to consider the following:

  1. Understand the acceleration strategy and align your plan accordingly
  2. Ensure you understand our entire Dell Technologies portfolio and are leveraging our Strategically Aligned Businesses, both our portfolio and sellers
  3. We have invested significant resources into creating training to help you. Take these trainings, and if you feel like you’re missing something, scream loud and early
  4. Stay aligned to our Global Alliances sales teams, whose sole responsibility is to engage with our core sellers.

We have the technology, the people and the plan in place to accelerate success together. Let’s make 2018 even more legendary than last year. This is our time for the taking, and it’s going to be incredible. And remember, the big won’t eat the small, but the fast WILL eat the slow. Let’s accelerate!


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The Legacy Continues with the OptiPlex XE3

EMC logo

I don’t think you can ever truly imagine the future without reflecting on the past. The brand-new OptiPlex XE3 – powered by Intel – is a great case in point. Building on the legacy of its predecessors, it expands our industrial rugged portfolio and reinforces our commitment to client-embedded platforms.

group of several Dell Optiplex tower desktop computers

An impeccable heritage

Let’s talk DNA and family tree first. When I think of the OptiPlex XE3, the expression – “standing on the shoulders of giants” comes to mind. Take the forerunner of the family, the OptiPlex XE. Released back in 2010, this was the first, dedicated industrial PC from a Tier-1 vendor, offering customers a stable lifecycle of three and a half years.

The next installment of the story

Fast forward to 2013 when we welcomed its successor, the OptiPlex XE2. With the change from the desktop chassis and a riser card to a mini tower with four full height slots, the XE2 was more expandable and less complex to add legacy PCI and PCIe add-in cards.

This second-generation product certainly reassured customers that we were in the industrial rugged desktop space for the long haul. Customers loved the longevity and the ability to use the product under tough environmental conditions.

A slew of rugged announcements

Building on this success, we had a slew of rugged announcements with our Dell Edge Gateway 5000  range launching in 2015, followed a year later by our entry into the Embedded PC market.

For me, 2017 was a stand-out year for our rugged portfolio. In February, we celebrated the launch of the Dell Edge Gateway 3000 series – powered by Intel – and closed the year by launching the small but mighty PowerEdge XR2 (Intel Xeon SP based,) part of our family of 14th generation servers.

Industrial grade features from a tier one vendor

Two Dell Optiplex XE3 desktop computersToday, the legacy continues with the launch of the brand-new OptiPlex XE3, the highest performing and most expandable industrial grade PC yet from a tier-one vendor. Available in a smaller mini tower and small form factor chassis with integrated wireless LAN, the OptiPlex XE3 offers OEM industrial grade features, allowing the product to be integrated into larger equipment solutions.

Key markets

Think medical equipment (mass spectrometry, liquid analysis and oncology solutions), retail (banking ATM/cash machines, photo processing kiosks, point of sale terminals) and industrial automation (industrial control systems for manufacturing lines or oil and gas exploration). If you could zoom into the innards of these machines, you would see the OptiPlex XE3, using the new 8th Gen Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor integrated as part of the total solution.


And if your equipment solution is at sea, there’s no need for a special air-conditioned room. The OptiPlex XE3 has earned its sea legs with marine certification under its belt. In addition to the medical, industrial automation, marine, retail and hospitality markets, we’re also seeing growing interest in the product from video surveillance experts, particularly for use in outdoor stadiums.

Tough and reliable

Why is this product so ideal for these scenarios? The OptiPlex XE3 is a robust, fan-cooled system, offering high performance, reliability and scalability. Resistant to shock and vibration, this little beauty is capable of operating in temperatures of 0C – 45c° (113F°) and rises to the challenge of being enclosed in a tight space like a kiosk with little air flow and no easy access for service. For ultra-tough environments, optional dust filters are also available.

Failure is not an option

For customers in these scenarios, failure is a no-go. After all, a doctor needs to rely 1000 percent on the availability of diagnostic tools to support patients. We all expect ATMs to dispense cash 365 days of the year. If you’re running a manufacturing plant, the last thing you need is unexpected downtime.

Long life platform

As a result, performance, durability and a guaranteed long life up to five years without technology churn are all critical factors for these customers. Why is long life so important? The reality is that some customers don’t need or want to deal with updating their specialist, high-cost equipment every two years.

Moreover, many of these industries are highly regulated with any new products or components having to undergo lengthy validation and certification. Instead, these customers need a partner and a stable platform they can rely on to retain essential services or bring new solutions to market. If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered!

Tough without sacrificing on performance

I believe that the OptiPlex XE3 is the ideal solution if you’re looking for an industrial-tough desktop with business class performance, security and manageability, backed up the reassurance of our award-winning ProSupport service and support, powered by the new 8th Gen Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor.

The legacy of the OptiPlex XE series continues while we continue our march on the industrial rugged market! I would love to hear your questions and comments.

To learn more about Dell EMC OEM Solutions, visit: www.dellemc.com/oem

Keep in touch. Follow @DellEMCOEM on Twitter, and join our LinkedIn OEM Showcase page here.


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Power as Big as Your Ideas

EMC logo

The family that brought you the world’s smallest, the world’s thinnest and lightest, the world’s most manageable, the world’s most powerful AND the world’s first Ready for VR mobile workstations is at it again, this time with faster memory, professional-grade graphics and the latest 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i7+ vPro™ processor and Intel® Xeon® processor that are unsurpassed.

With an impressive industrial design and innovative features to boost performance, like the Dell Precision Optimizer and 4K InfinityEdge display, this new series of fully customizable Dell Precision mobile workstations is perfect for both creative collaborations and for running the most demanding professional software. Our high-end 7000 Series are also up to 15 percent smaller in size, so your customers can now handle bulky projects without the bulky hardware.

On top of that, each of these workstations is certified with the professional applications your customers need to deliver their best work. Together with a complete array of accessories, including state-of-the-art docking solutions, it’s easy to see why Dell Precision workstations are the #1 workstations in the world.

Where the Competition Can’t Compete

Dell Precision has many advantages over its competitors – one being Dell Precision Optimizer. Your customers shouldn’t have to waste hours manually setting up their workstations just to get the best possible Independent Software Vendor (ISV) application performance when they can set it up at the touch of a button. The Dell Precision Optimizer will automatically tune their Dell Precision workstation to the software they’re using, delivering performance gains of up to 394 percent2 and allowing them to get on with their mission-critical work. Our top competitor can’t come close to that claim.3 If that’s not enough, the latest version of Dell Precision Optimizer will use machine learning to identify optimization opportunities and apply performance improvements as it runs.

You can further help get your customers’ Dell Precision workstations up and running faster than ever before with ProDeploy Plus. With ProDeploy Plus your customers can save up to 35 percent of deployment time4. We load their image on their new Dell Precisions in our factory which accelerates the deployment of software like heavy CAD and design packages. Your customers receive their workstations ready to use straight from the factory. They’ll also receive a single point of contact for project management and service delivery, including up-front deployment planning, configuration, data migration and knowledge transfer. 

Precision Peripherals With a Purpose

The days of eDocks on our Dell Precisions are a thing of the past. And although this takes some getting used to, the benefits are undeniable. Our Dell Thunderbolt™ Dock allows your customers to connect their Dell Precision to a single data and power source that delivers up to 130W of power for the ultimate display performance. Your customers will enjoy faster data transfers and up to three FHD displays or two 4K displays. Customers can keep their performance topped up with Dell ExpressCharge™ technology, which can charge their Precision battery up to 80 percent capacity in about an hour and to full capacity in 2 hours5.

Speaking of displays, the Dell 27” UltraSharp Monitor with Premier Color (UP2716D) is the perfect display for ideal color coverage and incredible clarity on color-critical projects. Your customers can realize their creations in real time and enjoy an exceptional viewing experience made possible by ultrathin bezels, stunning resolution and ultrawide viewing.

Whether your end users are designers, video and photo editors, engineers or architects, having access to an interactive workspace that lets them naturally create in the digital world is an incredible advantage. The Dell Precision 5000 or 7000 Series can help break the boundaries of their traditional workspace when it powers the Dell Canvas. The revolutionary “do” surface interacts seamlessly with Dell Precision workstations to encourage hands-on collaboration with 20 points of touch recognition for exact replication of what was imagined.

VR and AR Solutions for Professionals

We work closely with our hardware and software partners to bring you Ready for VR solutions optimized for creation and utilization in collaboration with professional ISV applications.

The new Dell Precision mobile workstation series is the perfect platform for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) content creation and advanced commercial visualization. They’ve been upgraded with the latest 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i7+ vPro™ processor and Intel® Xeon® processor that have more cores and performance for multi-threaded applications that are ideal for professional modeling, analysis and calculations. But don’t take our word for it; try out our Dell Precision virtual reality game to get your sales team engaged with the latest suite of products.

Communicate With Precision

We’ve created a set of marketing assets that will help expand your revenue potential by pinpointing your customer communication on the benefits of the new Dell Precision mobile workstations.

You can add your own personal touch to these marcom assets for deeper engagement, while the quick-reference call scripts provided will equip your sales force with the right answers when engaging customers.

All the assets are available for download on the Digital Marketing Platform, so that you can deploy the email and social content directly to your customers from the tool.

If you don’t have access to the Digital Marketing Platform, please register here.

You can also download the newest Dell Precision Family Brochure now available and tune into the webinar find out how you can transform your customers’ workplace into a hub of productivity.


1 IDC WW Quarterly Workstation Tracker, Q3 2017, November 2017, Statistical tie with HP Inc. Based on Units sold.

2 Based on Dell internal testing, July 2017, using the SPECapc Creo 3.0 Wireframe Graphics benchmark test comparing a Dell Precision 7920 Rack with Dell Precision Optimizer vs. the same system with factory standard settings. Actual performance will vary based on usage, configuration, and manufacturing variability.

3 In comparison to Hewett-Packard’s Performance Advisor (HPPA) UI, which offers no auto tuning.

4 Based on May 2016 Principled Technologies Report commissioned by Dell. Testing results extrapolated from a 10-system deployment to project time savings for larger deployment compared to in-house manual deployment. Actual results will vary. Full report

5 Dell ExpressCharge dramatically reduces time to charge – get up to 80% of your Dell system charged in an hour and fully charged within 2 hours. Based on Dell internal analysis, November 2017.


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Innovation Made Real: Announcing the New Dell Commercial PC Portfolio

EMC logo

Today Dell is introducing new solutions across its commercial portfolio to deliver the world’s most secure and manageable PCs, as well provide advances in smart design, productivity and sustainability to meet the ever-expanding needs of a global, diverse workforce.

Watch the launch video at: www.dellemc.com/innovationmadereal


Innovation Made Real: Announcing the New Dell Commercial PC Portfolio

Business leaders worldwide are balancing two objectives: keeping the business running smoothly by preventing security and productivity disruptions while simultaneously tapping into the incredible potential of new innovations, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and VR/AR. Dell is introducing new solutions across its commercial PC portfolio designed to help businesses of all sizes achieve that critical balance. In addition to being the world’s most secure and manageable commercial PCs, Dell’s updated commercial lineup features advances in smart design, productivity and sustainability to meet the ever-expanding needs of a global, diverse workforce.


Dell OptiPlex Celebrates Anniversary with All-New, Space-Saving Solutions by Ralph Pearson

Power as Big as Your Ideas by Ralph Pearson

The Legacy Continues with the OptiPlex XE3 by Ron Pugh

A Perfect Blend of Power Efficiency and Cooling by Julie Tatum

Better Performance = Better Business by Sean Kinney

Find more resources from today’s launch here.



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Why is PC as a Service (PCaaS) All the Hype?

EMC logo

Lots of buzz in the industry about “As a Service” models for procuring personal computing devices (PCs). It’s estimated that about 3-4% of PCs today are purchased as a service and predicted to shift to over 20% by 2020. (IDC MCS Study, Feb 2017)

Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.                      – Deepak Chopra

 Rebooting the PC Lifecycle

The interest in as a service spans all sizes of businesses. But for our customers, it’s about a lot more than just a purchase option. It’s about how they can simplify the entire process of buying, managing, retiring and refreshing their PC assets – you might refer to this as rebooting the PC lifecycle. Throughout our history, Dell has won by commoditizing business models and processes, so this is a natural evolution that we can help our customers with. Dell PC as a Service (PCaaS) is designed to enable our customers to alleviate the burden and costs of procuring and managing PC’s by providing a flexible, technology-enabled solution in a predictable price per seat model.

So Why the Hype? Shift to Business Transformation

Are customers realizing actual savings when they move to a comprehensive lifecycle model? According to Forrester research and interviews with real customers, customers can save up to 25% with Dell PCaaS (Based on the Forrester® Dell Client solutions cost estimator tool commissioned by Dell and Intel. Estimated savings is calculated over 3 years and includes hardware, software, services and other resource adjustments.) How? By taking advantage of best-in-class lifecycle service options for deployment, management, support and asset return – all aimed to free up IT department resources and shift efforts from day to day PC maintenance to more strategic priorities for business transformation.

Components of a Successful “As a Service” Model

We have shaped our PCaaS offer around years of customer feedback and requirements and determined the optimal mix to include:

  • Maximum flexibility that makes it simple – choose the right hardware for each worker profile, and select the most efficient deployment, support level and asset return for your IT needs, with flexible terms and a financial model to adhere to the ebbs and flow of your business. Hardware + services + financing = Simple.
  • Suite of tools and management software options – ensure your assets are secured, your data is encrypted and your hardware is optimized and integrated with a support solution that is automated proactive and predictive. The result is reduced or eliminated disruption from outages and a workforce who can count on relevant technology to provide reliable performance and a worry free experience.
  • Predictable budgets and processes – ease the planning and management of PC lifecycles and at the same time, get a predictable price per seat per month for the life of the usage agreement.
  • A single point of contact for the entire contract – imagine having a Services Delivery Manager who prioritizes and is focused on YOUR end to end PC Lifecycle process, someone to help plan those more complicated solutions, someone to help coordinate with technology deployment and support managers, and someone to help locate and manage the return and refresh process so you get your assets turned around faster and new systems deployed easier with less disruption to your business – getting new technology into those end users hands, seamlessly.

  • Designed to meet all customer needs – the beauty of working with Dell is that we can help solve any customer challenge with our comprehensive PCaaS approach along with the unique ability to customize a broader solution. With Dell PCaaS, you can include a vast array of custom capabilities such as onsite personnel, service desk or remotely administered capabilities.

So if you are looking to reduce the cost and burden of managing the day to day PC lifecycle, looking for a complete offer that is flexible and simple or need more predictability…look no further. Dell PC as a Service might just be what you are looking for.

You can be on the forefront of the shift…it’s happening now so why wait?

Join John Moody (Vice President, Global Support Deployment Services) and Analyst, Anurag Agrawal from Techaisle at Dell Technologies World on Wednesday, May 2, 1:30-2:30 p.m. in the session Is PC as a Service the Answer We’ve Been Waiting For? to learn how PCaaS enables your IT to drive business transformation.

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