Error: “HTTP 404 Not Found” When Accessing StoreFront Through NetScaler Gateway

  • Verify that the StoreFront resolves the base URL to itself by pinging base URL from the StoreFront command line. If it does not resolve to the base URL then make an entry in the host file on StoreFront so that the base URL resolves to itself.

    You can also check to see if the page loads from the storefront server it’s self. If you copy the Receiver for Web URL, and change the domain to local host, it should load a storefront page. It will look similar to this

    If you still get 404 after testing reachability on the storefront server it’s self, it is recommended to bring in a Storefront engineer for further troubleshooting.

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    Error “System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found” ShareFile StorageZone Controller cannot connect Office Web Apps or OOS server

    You may see an error “System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found” in WOPI logs on StorageZone Controllrer.

    StorageZone Controllrer cannot connect Office Web Apps or OOS server

    You may see following events in WOPI logs on

    YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss, xxx [ xx] ERROR ShareFile.Storage.Wopi.Operations.ProofKeyValidation AuthenticateRequest – Exception performing proof key validation in CheckFileInfo. StreamId: xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Details: System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.


    Failed to send statuses of the commands to the server. error code 404, HTTP category

    I need a solution

    Sep15 console – Sep14.2 clients.

    Out of the blue… I had 1 client starting to report this every 1/2 hour… a complete uninstall/reinstall seemed to have fixed this.

    now unexpectingly — 6 more clients today started reporting this every 1/2 hour.  I performed a repair on each one, and rebooted, but it didn’t seem to fix it.

    I’ll uninstall/re-install the sep client, if I have to on these 6 clients, but I would rather not — very time consuming — and I’m afraid more clients might start reporting the same thing.

    any ideas?

    This is what is reported from the client to the cloud manager in “other events”

    “Failed to send statuses of the commands to the server. error code 404, HTTP category



    Unable to upgrade to GSS 3.3 RU3 with iPXE?

    I do not need a solution (just sharing information)

    When trying to upgrade from GSS 3.3 to GSS 3.3 RU 3, I kept getting this error when selecting the iPXE configure option – It stops at 50% with error message “Failed to install iPXE Addon for PXE Server”

    From what I can tell, it was a problem in the past and it appears to be a problem again:

    This is even after going over the system requirements for iPXE and had everything installed and configured (Dot.Net 4.5 Framework, IIS, all the Microsoft goodies):

    So, I went through and manually installed each one of the MSI installers based on what this article had stated:

    And then went back and re-configured the authentication methods in IIS manager based on what this article had stated as well:

    TA-DA! iPXE is now working!

    Quite a pain to get it all working, but it lives….

    Has this been everybody else’s experience trying to get this all to work as well?



    Exception Page

    I do not need a solution (just sharing information)

    We can choose only one user defined exception page for specific action and normally we customized the deny for 403 http code.

    Can we have multiple exception page for example “deny” and “request” error from one user define exception page so that it will appear based on error generated by user traffic. 



    '404 Not Found' when trying to browse a newly published Managed Path in SharePoint when accessed using Storage Zones Controller SharePoint Connector

    After publishing a new Managed Path in SharePoint, you may find that attempts to access this resource by using Storage Zones Controller SharePoint Connector fail. Upon closer inspection, the Storage Zone Controller log files may contain error messages similar to the following:

    ERROR GetParent:: Exception thrown Message(The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.) StackTrace( at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()

    at Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.SPWebRequestExecutor.Execute()

    at Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ClientContext.GetFormDigestInfoPrivate()

    at Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ClientContext.EnsureFormDigest()

    at Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ClientContext.ExecuteQuery()

    at SharePointConnector*Util.SharePointUtility.GetParent(ClientObject spItem))


    how to configure content root for Linux file system scanner?

    I need a solution

    Can anyone help me configure the content root – direct entry – when creating a new Discover Target through the Enforce console to be used with a Linux file system scanner?

    Step 14 of the “Installing File System Scanner” document (…) says:

    14. On the Enforce Server, create a New Target for the scanner File System type.

    But I am having trouble with formatting the content root (direct entry) on the Scanned Content tab of the Discover Target properties. And when I attempt to start the Discover Target scan, I get the following error:

    Failed to complete Share: //; error: The specified path cannot be found — System error 53 has occurred. The network path was not found.

    On the server I am attempting to scan, I also see the following error:

    WARNING: error posting file to detection server /u02/DLPscanner/outgoing/Job0155966121559681139787208652608.idx: Connection timed out (Connection timed out)

    Any/all help would be most appreciated.




    Security requirement prototyping with hyperledger composer for drug supply chain

    ACM DL404 Error – File Not Found

    … but the URL you have requested was not found.

    To find what your are looking for please browse or search the ACM Digital Library.

    We apologize for this inconvenience.

    Please contact us with any questions or concerns regarding this matter:[emailĀ protected]

    The ACM Digital Library is published by the Association for Computing Machinery. Copyright 2010 ACM, Inc.

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    HTTP connection multiplexing and wildcard services causing 404 errors

    Intermittently receiving 404 page not found when accessing the Web based Application.

    Traces shows requests going to back-end on wrong port / going to wrong back-end, which responds with 404 as it does not have the resource being reuested

    In the snapshot below,

    Request for should be fwd to

    Request for should be fwd to

    However intermittently we see:

    Request for fwd to

    Request for fwd to

    Both these requests will result in 404 error from server as is not hosting page1.html and is not hosting page2.html

    User-added image