SDWAN Center: Getting “An internal error has occurred” while trying to fetch Virtual path details using the NITRO API Command

Its a day 0 code issue in both UI(Reporting) and APIs for paths and virtual paths when we fetch all attributes and the selected time interval is greater than 1 hour.

There are 3 attributes which have a problem –wan_to_lan_best_one_way_time_max_latency_ms, wan_to_lan_best_one_way_time_min_latency_ms, wan_to_lan_min_jitter_ms

To work around the issue the api should use the attribute filter (where we specify a comma separated list of attributes) and ensure to exclude the above 3 attributes as shown in the below workaround.


curl -X GET -b cookies.txt “https:// /sdwan_center/nitro/v1/reports/virtual_paths?page=size:650;number:1&filter=last_by:day&attrs=lan_to_wan_bandwidth,wan_to_lan_bandwidth,percent_up_time” -v


Issue is fixed in 11.4.1 . Upgrade to 11.4.1 to fix the issue.


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