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To share private facts or information about another particular person with out that person’s approval. This time period is used pejoratively by its fame for the introduction of errors and variations into the information transmitted, and it also describes idle chat, a rumor of private, or trivial nature. Nonetheless, for Dr Elena Martinescu , a…[Read more]


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User may be unable to reconnect to Existing sessions.

User may be unable to reconnect to Existing sessions. You may also see machine failure with reason none, in Citrix Director

You may see following errors in traces:

TdUdtListenerCreate: Retry number XX to listen: Listener <Hex number> on port 2598″,””

“setListener failed”,””

CUDTUnited::listen failed. Error:-28″,””

CUDT::listen Error:-28″,””

TdUdtListenerCreate: UDT::listen error 0xffffffe4″,””


Filr 2 is going out of support – are you ready to upgrade to Filr 3.4.3?


Join us on February 13th for a webinar where we will share the best practices, answer your questions, and demonstrate how easy is it to upgrade from Filr 2 to Filr 3.4. Register here…

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Vontu incident persistance service automatically stop. all services are running except one.

I need a solution

My Console is not opening as shows in My Tab  it Redirects 404 Error page. My all vontu services are running except one vontu incident persistance and all services are in automatical mode . If i start service It start after some time it is automatic stop. what do plz suggest me




Re: Disabling ipv6 via sysctl on redhat 7 doesn’t prevent avamar from listening on ipv6 addresses

I don’t have an answer, but your question may be an answer for me.

(and yes I had a ticket with EMC and they could not understand what was going on)

on new grid 7.4.1-58 when doing a restore it would not go right away

but if I waited until the top of the hour when the client “checked in” it would go soon after that.

I have another server not connecting to the new grid and the security guys told me it was up in the 30000 instead of 28001

so the answer to your question may be my question.

Someone please help us, you are our only hope!


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