Renault Trials Blockchain Platform for Component Compliance

Market NewsSeptember 13, 2020 by Kelly Cromley

Auto manufacturer Renault has trialed a blockchain venture intended to simplify conformity certification of vehicle parts.

The venture, named as Extended Compliance End-to-End Distributed, also referred to as XCEED, is an outcome of Renault’s collaboration with other enterprises to build a blockchain powered supply chain solution by exchanging info.

It is developed on the Hyperledger Fabric network and installed in partnership with IBM. XCEED monitors and endorses regulatory conformity of vehicle spare parts.

Renault piloted XCEED in its Douai plant and handled more than a million documents with processing capacity of 500 transactions per second. XCEED disburses conformity data among manufacturers of spare parts and cars.

Renault stated that the platform expedites data sharing, paving way for real-time delivery. XCEED, the carmaker detailed, builds a dependable network to share info in a trustworthy manner.

Renault’s associates for the venture include Continental, Plastic Omnium, Faurecia and Saint-Gobain. The partnership was initially revealed in 2019. The automaker stated the necessity for an improved compliance solution has arisen due to the implementation of fresh supervising guidelines on September 1.

The European Union’s Directive 2007/46/EC, amended earlier this year, paves way for enhanced tracking of new vehicles and spare parts to fulfill security and environment criterion. Renault stated that its overall production chain “has to adjust its structure” to meet the shortened time period indicated in the guidelines.

Odile Panciatici, blockchain vice president at Groupe Renault, said:

“The XCEED project we initiated is a powerful illustration of Groupe Renault’s capacity to innovate. We are convinced that blockchain is a vector for transforming the automotive industry.

Blockchain technology really comes into its own in a vast ecosystem involving a number of different companies, providing a link between the partners’ various processes, computer systems and databases. There are multiple uses for this type of technology in the automotive industry, where we have exchanges with countless actors from outside the company, such as suppliers, clients and independent distributors.”

It is not Renault’s first entry into blockchain technology. Renault, in association with other automobile enterprises BMW, Ford, GM and tech enterprises IBM, Bosch, Hyperledger and IOTA labored on the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI). It developed a database of Vehicle Identity Numbers on the blockchain. BMW also developed a blockchain powered supply chain solution.


Dell EMC PowerEdge Brings Flexibility & Freedom To Your Workloads

Most IT professionals know too well the balancing act of wanting to implement cutting-edge, modern solutions while still maintaining control of the overall IT landscape. Your IT organization is committed to supporting the workloads that the business depends on for success – whatever that takes. But ideally, whatever new deployment your critical workloads demand won’t chip away at the control over your IT environment that your team has worked hard to establish.

Those of you who have read our past blogs on optimizing your organization’s infrastructure for critical workloads have heard us go through some of the benefits of modernizing your infrastructure with an eye towards end-to-end optimization. We’ve explored how workload placement strategy requires continued attention over time, and how a hybrid approach to IT will set your organization up with the flexibility that needed as applications mature and new demands come up. But you may still find yourself asking how you can best leverage a variety of options in your IT purchasing – without losing control. Is there a way to engage in that freedom of choice, without sacrificing your command over your organization’s IT landscape?

One thing that all IT organizations have in common – no matter the size, the location or the industry – is this desire to avoid making a choice that pigeonholes your future decision making or creates a siloed IT experience. Whenever a new workload is prioritized, IT should not have to upend long-term strategies to support it. But when looking at your deployment options, choice with control may seem out of reach.

We hear from customers across the global that they see Dell Technologies as a unique technology provider for their organizations because we can scratch this exact itch. Folks keep turning to our portfolio time and time again because our wide range of servers, data storage and data protection systems given them the flexibility that their infrastructure decisions require when needs change. Dell Technologies can provide you with that range of choice you desire, without disrupting on the overall IT vision your organization has worked hard to support.

As applications mature and needs change, your team will be best prepared to react if they have a flexible and secure infrastructure behind them. Take our extensive line of Dell EMC PowerEdge servers as a prime specimen. The PowerEdge platform can help you establish the right hybrid infrastructure for your IT organization, providing you with the choice and the control that you need as you determine the best placement options for each of your critical business workloads over time.

Drive workload and analytics success with modern PowerEdge servers that allow your team to optimize the overall infrastructure by running the same capacity and performance on fewer servers, freeing resources to tackle application transformations. Our leading servers run your critical workloads with ease, so that you can keep the focus on supporting pressing asks from the business and helping to drive your overall organization forward. Configure to meet your needs and meet workloads where they need to be.

Whatever workload is the priority for your organization, PowerEdge allows you to tailor the experience for your IT team. With one-click BIOS tuning, we enable quick-and-easy deployment via workload-optimized server configuration profiles. This allows you to deploy and run without delay – so that your IT staff can support requests from the business without interruption. From edgeto coreto cloud, PowerEdge can support even your most advanced workloads needs with a familiar experience across them all. Learn how one company found the ideal IT infrastructure solution with the Dell EMC PowerEdge MX platform and OpenManage systems management:

All of our advanced offerings – including the advanced Dell EMC PowerEdge platform – are available with flexible payment options through Dell Technologies On Demand. And Dell Technologies On Demand also includes value-added services with ProDeploy, ProSupport and Managed Services, which can be paired with all financial consumption models offered. By working with a technology provider who can offer you a seamless experience from end-to-end, you too can meet your organization’s most critical workloads where they need to be – on demand – and with all your public, private and edge clouds within reach.

And of course – any organization who partners with Dell Technologies benefits from even more points of seamless integration across the digital landscape thanks to our extended Dell Technologies family. For example, PowerEdge servers support the latest VMware stack, including VMware vSphere® 7 with Kubernetes®, VMware vSAN™ 7, and VMware Cloud Foundation™. You may have heard us say that our story began with two technology companies and one shared vision: to provide greater access to technology for people around the world. That mission continues forward proudly to this day.

Dell Technologies can provide you with the freedom of choice that you deserve, without making you sacrifice the control that your team needs and deserves. With the right technology in the right place, Dell Technologies and our powered-up portfolio will empower your IT organization with choice and control as your team as you build, run and manage your hybrid cloud.


Dell Technologies Named a Leader in the Gartner 2020 Data Center Backup & Recovery Solutions Magic Quadrant

A Constant in a Sea of Change

Heraclitus, an ancient Greek philosopher once said, “The only thing that is constant is change.” These words ring truer now perhaps more than any other time in our lives. The recent health, economic and social watershed events of 2020 bring into stark reality how the fabric of our lives can change in an instant.

Despite these dizzying changes, one thing has not changed – the criticality of data. In fact, data has never been more critical than it is right now. That’s why we are humbled to be recognized by Gartner as a Leader in the 2020 Data Center Backup & Recovery Solutions Magic Quadrant – a distinction we have earned in every Gartner Magic Quadrant for data center backup and recovery solutions since 1999.¹

Our 21-year position as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant is, we believe, a continuing affirmation of the trust our customers place in us, not merely as just a provider of leading data protection solutions, but as a partner committed to their long-term success.

That commitment begins with taking a customer-first approach in everything we do – from investing in our people, to investing in our communities, to investing in innovation.

And it all begins with data. Unlocking the next great discovery begins with creating, curating, protecting and securing the vast amounts of data being born across core, edge and multi-cloud computing environments.

Therefore, safeguarding data to ensure it is highly available, efficiently protected and secure from cyber threats wherever it lives, is a mission we are deeply committed to.

For example, three key areas where we are helping our customers today are:

  1. Cloud Data Protection – delivering solutions to protect any workload across any cloud while providing the lowest cost to protect in the cloud. Today, we have over 1,000 customers protecting over 2.7 Exabytes of data in the cloud.²
  2. VMware data protection – delivering deep integration with VMware to simplify and automate data protection for virtual and containerized workloads for increased agility.
  3. Cyber Recovery – secure infrastructure that optimizes cyber resiliency to ensure rapid recovery from destructive cyberattacks.

And going forward, we have even more ambitious plans to continue to drive innovation across our entire data protection portfolio. With our PowerProtect Data Manager platform, we plan to increase IT simplicity, increase data protection efficiencies and increase automation of data protection and recovery operations, so that our customers can focus on delivering the innovation and change needed to help them transform, modernize and compete more effectively in the data era.

¹ As Dell EMC, 2017-2019; As EMC, 2005 – 2016; As Legato, 2004; As Legato Systems and EMC, 2003; As Legato Networker and EMC Data Manager (EDM), 2001; As Legato and EMC, 1999-2000

² Based on information provided by public cloud providers, Feb 2020


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