Modification of pop-up / Alerting messaging

I need a solution

Has anyone had any success in modifying the alerting message being presented to end users when the policy calls for this as part of the response rule?

There are two aspects with this request…

  1. Support for bilingual messages (in my case I need French and English) but I can see this being needed with other languages such as Spanish and English
  2. Messaging on the pop-up must comply with our internal Branding and communication policies which the default does not.

Without this functionality, we cannot proceed in the next step of the strategy of communicating to our constituents that they are about to exfiltrate information that has been deemed not to exit the organization.   Executives have mandated that this must come first before we start actually blocking.

My thoughts are this should be a simple XML file in which the content can be modified to present our specific messages.  Am I wrong?




Symantec DLP End Point Solutions for WhatsApp

I need a solution

Hi there and good day to all!

May I check if existing Symantec DLP solutions would allow detection/inspection of both (i) multimedia file attachments and their contents as well as (ii) text messages that have been sent, via the WhatsApp web application running on any internet browser?

Much appreciated!



Email Archiving Helps Keep Your Business Moving

Nick Scholz

Email Archiving Helps Keep Your Business Moving The lion’s share of business communication and collaboration still happens through email — more than phones, instant messages, texts, and social media combined. Radicati estimates that in 2018, about 124.5 billion business emails were sent and received each day around the globe. The figure is projected to increase …

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How to create policy block upload and posting on Facebook.

I need a solution

Dear all,

need assistance to block upload and posting messages on facebook, i have created rule for application and operation.though it will work only for application what if someone is accessing facebook on a desktop.


Jahangir Shaikh




Solution needed for Skype – Usecases

I need a solution


I need to check data transfer on Skype and other instant messaging through Endpoint DLP.

At this moment we are discussing Skype only and have 3 use cases.

  1. File transfer
  2. Keyword detection while Typing
  3. Keyword detection for copy/paste

My working so far:

Skype Application Monitoring is already enabled.

Policy created for Keyword detection – File Transfer is being detected and blocked for this policy   

Another policy created for Endpoint Protocol (Application Access)

For ‘Keyword detection while Typing’, I have been informed that it won’t work. 

Need your usual support to fulfill these use cases.

Best Regards,




GroupWise 18.1 and TeamWorks 18.1 Now Available + Community Webinar


To build on Mike Bills’ post, we are pleased to announce the latest release of GroupWise and TeamWorks! GroupWise is a complete collaboration software solution that provides email, scheduling, instant messaging, task management, contact management, and document management functions. TeamWorks is part of the Enterprise Messaging solution; it provides conversation-driven digital workspaces for teams. GroupWise 18.1 …

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Re: Emails with message class REPORT.IPM.Note.DR are not being shortcutted

User´s mailbox is getting full and I found out it has a lot of huge emails with report.ipm.note.dr message class and they are not being shortcutted.

According to admin guide there´s no restriction for this or at least it is not specified, Has anyone go through this? I already tried:

1. Archiving all messages types first and then shortcurring.

2. Archiving all message types and include specifically the report.ipm.note.dr class message type, then run a shortcutting activity including all items previously archived.

3.Archive & shortcut in the same activity including all.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance


7023318: Error 0xAD0B on GroupWise Messenger agent and failed Messenger client login for any user

This document (7023318) is provided subject to the disclaimer at the end of this document.


GroupWise 18

GroupWise Messenger 18

Open Enterprise Server 2018 (OES 2018) Linux


When Messenger 18 users attempt to login , thed fail and the Messenger agent logs shows the error :

“Login failed [0xAD0B]: LAM – Invalid credentials supplied to LDAP”.
Also and nds trace was done and it shows the errors at attempted login time of :
“Failed to resolve full context on connection 0xf4f8700, err=no such entry (-601)”
“Failed to authenticate full context on connection 0xf4f8700, err=no such entry (-601)”
“Sending operation result 49:””:”NDS error: failed authentication (-669)” to connection 0xf4″


It was discovered that the GroupWise MTA object , under the Ldap tab, in the GroupWise Web Admin Console, had LDAP enabled and port 389 selected. However the MTA linux box had Micro Focus Open Enterprise Server (OES2018) installed and it uses port 389 for Ldap services. So there was a port conflict. Once we changed the port under the MTA object to an unused port like 390 and restarted the GroupWise “gwadminservice” the problem went away.


Ldap port conflict.


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