Printers fail to map with errors when using UPS on Windows Server 20122016

The following workaround is available –

Add “LimitRequestLine 8190” in the next line after the “LimitRequestFieldSize 65535” to the httpd.conf file located at:

C:Program Files (x86)CitrixXTEconf

The LimitRequestLine directive decides the limit on the allowed size of HTTP request line (which contains HTTP Method, URI and Protocol version). Since 8190 is the default value, having it in the httpd.conf file should not make any difference.


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Missing Information Panes in Citrix Director Activity Manager For Users with High Active Directory Group Membership

Create the following reg keys on each DDC in the environment, following which each DDC must be rebooted.

If the below does not work, increase the first value to 65535 as suggested, and reboot each DDC again.


Name: MaxTokenSize


Data: 48000

(in the event of failure to resolve, increase to 65535)


Name: MaxFieldLength


Data: 65534


Name: MaxRequestBytes


Data: 16777216

The registry keys above are listed elsewhere, but have slightly higher values in this article. There is no known ill-effect of these higher values.


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How do you turn off HEX logging/tracing in Websphere Application Server?

I see texts such as the following in the SystemOut.log and trace.log file:

[3/9/15 14:12:25:190 EDT] 000001ce SystemOut O 0000: 17 03 01 01
70 05 32 9c c2 e3 03 12 05 c5 3e c6 ….p.2………
0010: c8 10 7f 75 e3 f6 22 4c 76 ed bd 9a a0 ab 51 82 …u…Lv…..Q.
0020: d9 df ca 5a ee 2a 09 34 52 b8 19 df ad 72 98 04 …Z…4R….r..
0030: 1c d4 b2 42 5f ad d2 4a 6d 08 45 42 fd ef 5b ed …B…Jm.EB….
0040: 2c 54 03 49 1e d9 e5 6b 3a 0d ae e9 e1 f9 44 3b .T.I…k……D.
0050: ef 88 a6 66 40 c5 79 f2 21 27 2b ea 57 4f 9a 52 …f..y…..WO.R
0060: f3 df 25 fc c8 f7 54 3d 86 d0 fb 89 66 a3 4d d1 ……T…..f.M.
0070: 16 e4 7e d1 fc b8 c3 d2 48 d1 e7 17 2e 25 11 c4 ……..H…….
0080: 99 55 49 8f 4a 9e 20 50 b1 08 a6 e6 cb 7d 89 64 .UI.J..P…….d

It appears that HEX logging/tracing is on. How do I turn it off?


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WAS Liberty

Getting following error when tried to access SOAP Webservice. Any help will be highly appreciated.
at org.apache.cxf.bus.extension.Extension.load(
at org.apache.cxf.bus.extension.ExtensionManagerImpl.loadAndRegister(
at org.apache.cxf.bus.extension.ExtensionManagerImpl.initialize(
at org.apache.cxf.bus.extension.ExtensionManagerBus.doInitializeInternal(
at org.apache.cxf.bus.CXFBusImpl.initialize(


7021290: Increased process “memory usage” after upgrading to SLES 12 SP2

When using the code from a shared library, the code that gets executed will create a virtual-> physical mapping of the pages the code “touches”.

A page in X86 is 4 kilobytes/4096. If only one small function in a library in SP0 [that does not have “do_fault_around”] is used, that is how much RSS that library will get charged.

For SP2, that same function call will map 64 kilobytes/65536, and this will be reflected in Resident Set Size (RSS) and Proportional Set Size (PSS).

The values can be found in /proc/<pid>/smaps.

Note though, that the physical pages are already present in the “page cache”, so there is no difference in the actual memory usage here.

The file /sys/kernel/debug/fault_around_bytes does not exist on SLES 12 GA, but on SP2 it exists with a default value of 65536.

In the end the customer was able to restore the memory use characteristics/stats of SP0 on SP2 by

echo 4096 > /sys/kernel/debug/fault_around_bytes