Multiple network interfaces in MC VA

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Is it possible to have multiple interfaces in Management Center virtual appliance? Was anyone successful adding additional network interface? I’ve tried this but the interface doesn’t show up and actually looks like it messed my VA, so not sure if it’s really possible to have it and can’t find any info about this.




How to Configure and Verify Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) on NetScaler Appliance

  • Run the following command for each interface to enable LACP on the NetScaler interfaces:

    set interface <Interface_ID> -lacpMode PASSIVE -lacpKey 1

    For creating a link aggregation channel by using LACP, you need to enable LACP and specify the same LACP key on each interface that you want to be the part of the channel.

    When you enable LACP on an interface, the channels are dynamically created. Additionally, when you enable LACP on an interface and set the lacpKey to 1, the interface is automatically bound to the channel LA/1.

    When you bind an interface to a channel, the channel parameters get precedence over the interface parameters and the interface parameters are ignored. If a channel was created dynamically by LACP, you cannot perform add, bind, unbind, or remove operations on the channel. A channel dynamically created by LACP is automatically deleted when you disable LACP on all the member interfaces of the channel.

    Refer to Citrix Documentation for all operations can be performed on “interface” command.

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    ![alt text][1]
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    [1]: /answers/storage/temp/17293-emptyinterface.jpg