Workflow 8.5 RU1 – New Features

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Symantec™ IT Management Suite 8.5 RU1 Release Notes

New Features

Feature Description
Added IMAP4 email components in Workflow Solution In Workflow Solution, the following IMAP4 email components are added using the ASPOSE library:

  • IMAP4 Get Folder List New
  • IMAP4 Get Message Count New
  • IMAP4 List New
  • IMAP4 Mark Message New

The Old Quicksoft library email components are kept as is. The ASPOSE library components are added with the “New” keyword.

All the ASPOSE library components are added under the Process Components > Section of the components list.



Delayed Messages to Message Labs

I need a solution

Over the last few days we have been getting a serious amount of message delaye responses after emailing clients who are behind the message labs email filter.

I have tried countless times to email support emails to investigate but no response. Our business is being severely imapcted due to this and I need someone to point me in the right direction or put me in touch with someone who can. 

Do not ask me to contact a client to contact messagelabs/symantec support on our behalf. It’s unfeasable and not going to happen.

Please please please can someone assist?




PGP not encrypting Outlook email when using WiFi network

I need a solution

Hi to all,

This is a puzzle that’s had me chasing around for a couple of weeks now, does anyone else have this or know why?

This is the situation:-

A dell laptop running Windows 7 and PGP Desktop 10.2.1 , Outlook 2010 and using Gmail IMAP and SMTP settings (which in Outlook are the default ports for non-encryption of 143 and 25).

When connected to a wired ethernet connection, works normally by intercepting Outlooks outgoing email and encrypts it.

When I take the laptop another location (home and a friends house) and connect to the house WiFi, PGP (is running, mail proxy enabled), does not intercept the outgoing email and Outlook just tries to send it, which of course is rejected by the Gmail server because I’m not connecting on an SSL port number. If I change the Outlook ports to the correct ones for SSL, then the email connects to the server and mail is sent OK.

This is also happening on a colleagues laptop, an MSI running Windows 10 and Outlook 2016 and he is using a different ISP at his home address, to that which I am using at my home address.

Both laptops have the latest (Feb 2018) updates.

TIA, regards, Don



7018615: IMAP via GWIA will allow very large draft messages to use up all available disk space

This document (7018615) is provided subject to the disclaimer at the end of this document.


Novell GroupWise 2014 R2 Support Pack 1

Novell GroupWise 2014 R2 Support Pack 1 Hot Patch 1

Novell GroupWise 2014 R2 Support Pack 1 Hot Patch 2


Summary: IMAP client “save as draft” circumvents file sizelimits and can cause the host File System to fill upcompletely.
Steps to duplicate:
Set up Thunderbird mail client pointed to GWIA IMAPserver.
Compose a new message and add a 2GB or largerattachment.
Save the message as a draft.
/wpgate/gwia/000.prc/gwwork folder will show a file createdthat will grow to more than 2GB in size. The client may throwerrors and it seems that each time it does a new file is created inthe gwwork folder that will also grow to more than 2GB in size. This repeats until the disk if full.
Note: This doesn’t happen if the mail client isconfigured to store draft messages on local drives. Howeverthe default is to store drafts on the IMAP server. Thisleaves us in a vulnerable situation as a single user can bring downthe GWIA server by trying to email a copy of the latest MarvelAvengers movie.


This has been resolved in the shipping GroupWise 2014 R2 SP2 and newer. The fix is also in shipping GroupWise 18 and newer


This Support Knowledgebase provides a valuable tool for NetIQ/Novell/SUSE customers and parties interested in our products and solutions to acquire information, ideas and learn from one another. Materials are provided for informational, personal or non-commercial use within your organization and are presented “AS IS” WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND.


Batches being created and shown in monitor on, but not in the batches folder. All aborting.

I have an application that is working perfectly via vScan, but we are adding IMAP email functionality. I set up the workflow, created the ruleset, rules and task profiles that I needed, and set up a rulerunner thread to process the incoming emails.

When rulerunner starts batches start showing up in the monitor (all aborted), and no batch folders or files are created. In the workflow settings for my EmailScan task, the mode is Batch creation and the program is set to VScancl.aspx. I have tried setting the program value to RuleRunner as well with the same results.

Unless I missed something, the documentation is lacking the key setup information outside of the actual Ruleset/Rule info.

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.


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Outgoing email encryption not working (SMTP)

I need a solution


I have a problem with sending out encrypted emails using Outlook 2016 and Symantec Encryption Desktop. The odd thing is that I can receive and decrypt emails without any issues, but outgoing emails are blocked.

Outlook is configured to use ports 25 for SMTP and 143 for IMAP. Ougoing server requires authentication and uses the same settings as incoming server.

Symantec Encryption Desktop is configured with email proxy enabled and ports 465 for SMTP and 993 for IMAP, as mail server requires SSL/TLS. 

Outlook error message states that the connection was interupted without any further details. Verbose Symantec logs show:

Email Verbose Connection accepted

Email Verbose Found exisiting account list entry for [IP]

Email Verbose Existing entry is [email address]

Email Verbose Proxying SMTP

Email Verbose Attempting to connect to server at [IP]

Email Verbose Attempteing tunneled TLS connection on port 465

Email Verbose Successfull connect on port 465

Email VerboseTLS session established with [mailserver]

Email  Error Cannot connect server socket to [IP]

Email Warning Tunneled TLS negotiation with server failed.

When I change the port 25 to 465 in Outlook I can send out emails fine, but I loose the ability to encrypt them.

As this is a test machine – there is no AV software onboard which could be blocking it. Windows Defender and Firewall are disabled completely.

Any ideas what might be causing this error?

Software versions:

OS is Windows 10 Pro N,

Symantec Encryption Desktop 10.4.1 

Tahnk you,



Datacap IMAP Scan not capturing email Body

I’m using IMAP to ingest emails. The To, From and Subject are all captured as document variables but the Body of the email is not.
Is there a way to capture the Body as well?
This would make it easier to pass the body of the email off to Watson or CC without having to run a convert on the email first.