7020560: Searching on a Keyword in an Attachment

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Unable to find a keyword in an attachment.


If you are trying to find a keyword inside an attachment make sure to add your keyword in the ‘any field’ section. Right click in the keyword field and choose ‘add keyword’, to add a keyword to search on.

Note: Searching in attachments is limited to text type documents only. Searching on a keyword in the attachment field searches on attachment types only.

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Training Watson using Discovery service

I am experimenting with Watson discovery (and retrieve-rank services) where I want to collate custom documents to train Watson so that it come up with recommendations in a custom knowledge domain. I got some doubts regarding it:

1. I have noticed that we can add documents to the collection like html, pdf, etc. But is there is any way to push any specific url of our interest to this? Which api can useful in this case?
If we can push url to it, is there any service available like web crawler, so that it can go around all the links and filter the necessary data to us?

2. Next to this, after building the service, when we are searching with any keyword, it is giving some answers. But when we are trying to put question over there rather than any keyword, it is not returning any result? Why it so? Is there is any other mechanism to put question or the discovery service can only understand keywords?