Error: “A problem occurred while creating the license file” on NetScaler

When using a NetScaler VPX appliance, you must allocate the license to the MAC address of the appliance. For more information about NetScaler VPX licensing, refer to CTX122426 – Citrix NetScaler VPX and CloudBridge VPX Licensing Guide.

To allocate the NetScaler VPX licenses using My Account, complete the following procedure:

  1. Log on to My Account.

  2. Select the Activate and Allocate Licenses under the Licensing section.

  3. Select Allocate.

  4. Select the desired NetScaler license and follow the onscreen prompts.

  5. When prompted to enter the Host ID value to allocate the license, enter the MAC address of the appliance in lower case without any dashes or columns.

  6. The MAC address allows you to activate and allocate the license successfully.

Refer to CTX133147 – How to Allocate NetScaler VPX Licenses to get the MAC address of the NetScaler VPX appliance.

If you need to allocate the NetScaler VPX license code manually, refer to CTX131387 – How to Manually Allocate a License on the Citrix Portal.

If this process was done improperly and you have already allocated your licenses, please refer to:



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Citrix Director Displays “In Supplemental Grace Period Time until grace expires”

The site went over the number of licenses about 9 days ago which triggered the Supplemental Grace Period.

According to the Citrix Documentation:

“If all licenses are in use, the supplemental grace period enables users to connect to a product for a limited period of time allowing you to address the issue. The default supplemental grace period is 15 days. During this period there is no limit on connections. After it expires, normal (to the extent of license availability) connection limits are enforced. Users are not disconnected, but as they disconnect, no new connections occur until license levels return to normal. Supplemental grace periods are granted per product and edition and per Subscription Advantage Eligibility date (per product) and only for Retail licenses. For example, if you have two clients requesting XenDesktop Enterprise Concurrent, with different Subscription Advantage Eligibility dates, two supplemental grace periods are granted. Rearming the supplemental grace period – When you take corrective action (for example, installing an additional Retail license), the supplemental grace period is rearmed, and normal license limits are enforced again. If you take action while the supplemental grace period is in force, the License Server exits the supplemental grace period before rearming. When the supplemental grace period is rearmed, you can trigger a new 15 day supplemental grace period the next time you go over the license limit.”

So this behavior is normal and the only way to turn this off would be to follow –

1) Go To:C:Program Files (x86)CitrixLicensingMyFiles

2) Open the file: “CITRIX.opt” with Notepad.

3) At the bottom of that file, add


4) Save

5) Restart all Citrix Services (or Reboot)

to remove supplemental all together or to add new license files.

It is worth noting that the Supplemental Grace Period is normal when a user goes over the allotted number of Citrix license. It is also normal for the error to show up in Director even after no SGP licenses are being used. The SGP is a one time grace period that last 15 days. After this there can be no more SGP licenses applied to uses but normal ICA licensing will occur. The idea is that you have 15 days to correct the issue before the SGP and only the SGP licenses expire. The only way to rearm is to buy more.


Basic Citrix Licensing Information

How does Citrix licensing work?

Citrix product goes through a three-step process to check out licenses; information on Licensing overview, visit Citrix Documentation at

Available License types?

Visit Citrix Documentation at

Additional Resources

For additional information on product specific licensing, visit Citrix Documentation at – select product; then Licensing.

Visit Licensing Basics for all information regarding Citrix licensing.


SEP 14 licensing

I do not need a solution (just sharing information)

Is anyone seeing delays renewing their SEP licenses?   We’re renewing through our supplier as we’ve done for the past 10 years and we’re being told that there’s a processing delay from Broadcom.

Our license expires next week – we started the renewal process several weeks ago.

Is it possible to get a temporary license to January 31, 2020 to allow time for our renewal to be processed?

We have a number of UNMANAGED clients that we install the license file directly to.



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[ASK] How to update license type and upgrading that suitable for my office environment

I do not need a solution (just sharing information)

HI, I have a client using this Symantec endpoint protection, and they need to renew license. and this year we are need more license for new devices

example : last year we only have 10 devices and this year devices is 30, what license that suitable for this case.  Is it need to buy new license or renew? 



Renew license after current license expire

I need a solution

Hi all,

I’m manage SEP of  my company and it was expire about 6 month. Now, i want to renew it and don’t want to causing any downtime to EndUser.

I want to ask when i active new license do i have to re-install Agent or just update is enough ? Is there any article for this situation ? I was looking but it all about renew license when curent license still valid not when curent license expire.

Many thanks,




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[Advisory]: MSP licenses are showing expired in Sophos UTM Manager

UTM licenses that are controlled by Sophos UTM Manager (SUM) MSP licensing may have expired or be about to expire. Affected SUM fail to download and install the monthly the MSP-Licensebundle and result in expired licenses on the connected UTMs.

Applies to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s)

Sophos UTM Manager

Each MSP needs to log into each SUM installation and authenticate using their MyUTM credentials. The credentials must be the same as as when they set up SUM MSP licensing or should be from the same MyUTM account. Please do the following:

  1. go to Management > MSP > Authentication.
  2. enter your Credentials.
  3. select Apply.
  4. wait 5 – 10 mins for the licenses to update
  5. check the renewed Certificate Expiration Date (expiration date should be 1 year from when reauthentication occurred).
  6. try logging into the UTM.

If you’ve spotted an error or would like to provide feedback on this article, please use the section below to rate and comment on the article.

This is invaluable to us to ensure that we continually strive to give our customers the best information possible.


RecoverPoint: Error “the requested action cannot be performed on any consistency group”

Article Number: 488249 Article Version: 4 Article Type: Break Fix


Unable to run image access.

Error “the requested action cannot be performed on any consistency group”.

RecoverPoint License was expired


Uninstall the expire license and install the permanent license.

Contact EMC Licensing Service to obtain a permanent license. See EMC Knowledgebase article 325653 RecoverPoint: How to activate, reactivate, or obtain a RecoverPoint license


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Warning: “Grace license is issued for the site” on NetScaler SD-WAN 10.0

NetScaler SD-WAN 10.0 includes a new centralized licensing feature to accomodate large scale deployments. New sites or license changes must generate their license through the MCN. The MCN hands down licenses to client nodes through their RCN using the control data path. If for whatever reason (e.g. when real license expires, connectivity is broken, user removes license, system boots up first time with no license etc) the client is unable to obtain a license from the MCN, it will be issued with a Grace License. This provides a grace period of 45 days.

The Grace License bandwidth will be the license rate selected in site configuration.


Re: Expiration of license in NetWorker

“DELL EMC provided him with a new license enabler which should have an expiration date somewhat in 2019. But the NMC shows that the new license expires at the end of may 2018.”

If you enter a NetWorker license, either by using the nsrcap command or using NetWorker Management Console, the license then has a certain number of days before it expires (e.g. 45 days). Before this expiration date, you are supposed to contact the licensing department, and provide them with the enabler code and the host id of the backup server. Licensing can then generate an authorization code for your customer to use to permanently authorize the license, and thereby have no expiration date.

Without knowing what license you are referring to, it is difficult to accurately predict if the backup operations will cease to function. Can you please provide the license name, and enabler code? Also the NetWorker server version?

If you have the enabler code, please use it in the following command, to be run on the NetWorker Server:

nsrcap -vnc enabler-code