File Sync between HA pair ADM is broken or not working

ADM-HA file sync is broken. ADC ns.confand backup files are not synced anymore from HA1 to HA2.


[root@ CitrixADM:/var/mps/tenants/root/ns_conf] ls -altr */ns.conf | tail -5

-rw-rw-r– 1 pgxl nobody 692153 May 12 20:43 192.168.X.x/ns.conf

-rw-rw-r– 1 pgxl nobody 4223103 May 12 21:08 192.168.X.X/ns.conf

-rw-rw-r– 1 pgxl nobody 32625 May 13 04:48 192.168.X.X/ns.conf


[root@ CitrixADM-Sec:/var/mps/tenants/root/ns_conf] ls -altr */ns.conf | tail -5

-rw-rw-r– 1 pgxl nobody 472707 Dec 5 20:20 192.168.X.X/ns.conf

-rw-r–r– 1 pgxl nobody 472214 Dec 5 20:20 192.168.X.X/ns.conf

-rw-rw-r– 1 pgxl nobody 3853285 Dec 6 15:34 192.168.X.X/ns.conf

From mps_config.log:

Sunday, 1 Dec 19 01:32:30.958 +0000 [Error] [DeviceFilesDownload[#61]] SCP failed for: /var/mps/tenants/root/ns_conf/tmp_194.69.x.x/ns_config.tgz

Saturday, 7 Dec 19 15:45:23.265 +0000 [Debug] [ConfigScheduler[#2]] ns_conf_file_mgr::deleteNS::directory deleted: /var/mps/tenants/root/ns_conf/192.168.x.x

Saturday, 7 Dec 19 15:45:25.938 +0000 [Debug] [ConfigScheduler[#2]] ns_conf_file_mgr::deleteNS::directory deleted: /var/mps/tenants/root/ns_conf/192.168.x.x

Saturday, 7 Dec 19 15:46:12.703 +0000 [Debug] [ConfigScheduler[#2]] ns_conf_file_mgr::deleteNS::directory deleted: /var/mps/tenants/root/ns_conf/192.168.x.x

Saturday, 7 Dec 19 15:46:35.729 +0000 [Debug] [ConfigScheduler[#2]] ns_conf_file_mgr::deleteNS::directory deleted: /var/mps/tenants/root/ns_conf/192.168.x.x

Sunday, 8 Dec 19 02:31:25.018 +0000 [Error] [DeviceFilesDownload[#98]] SCP failed for: /var/mps/tenants/root/ns_conf/tmp_192.168.X.X/ns_config.tgz

Tuesday, 10 Dec 19 03:46:08.947 +0000 [Debug] [DeviceFilesDownload[#134]] execute Command Output with error dump : tar: Error opening archive: Failed to open ‘/var/mps/tenants/root/ns_conf/tmp_192.168.x.x/ns_config.tgz’

Tuesday, 10 Dec 19 03:46:08.947 +0000 [Error] [DeviceFilesDownload[#134]] ConfFileFromNS::run::untar command “tar xzf /var/mps/tenants/root/ns_conf/tmp_192.168.x.x/ns_config.tgz -C /var/mps/tenants/root/ns_conf/tmp_192.168.x.x” returned error


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Lucy Kirkwood’s US/China Drama ‘Chimerica’ Set For C4 Adaptation

EXCLUSIVE: The next twelve months could be a defining year for the relationship between the U.S. and China as President Trump and President Xi circle each other on a range of issues. Perfect timing for Playground Entertainment’s high-end drama Chimerica, an adaptation of Lucy Kirkwood’s critically acclaimed play, that is on the verge of a deal with UK broadcaster Channel 4.

The broadcaster is in the final stages of development with the series expected to shortly receive a four-part order. The provocative play, which opened at the Almeida Theatre and the Harold Pinter Theatre in London in 2013, examines the changing fortunes of the U.S. and China.

Chimerica starts in China’s Tiananmen Square in 1989 as young American photojournalist captures a piece of history as tanks roll through Beijing and soldiers hammer on his hotel door. Twenty years later, he is covering a presidential election, marred by debate over cheap labour and the outsourcing of American jobs to Chinese factories. He subsequently becomes obsessed with a cryptic message left in a Chinese newspaper and journeys to discover who the man was in the photo.

It was created and written by Kirkwood, who also penned plays including war drama Guns or Butter and sex trafficking drama It Felt Empty When The Heart Went At First But It Is Alright Now. Kirkwood’s television credits include writing on C4 teen drama Skins and Sky One firefighter drama The Smoke, which she created. She also recently directed her debut feature, pregnancy drama The Briny, with Film 4.

Kirkwood is to exec produce the four-hour series alongside Playground Entertainment founder Colin Callender, Head of Drama Sophie Gardiner and Adrian Sturges, who has previously produced series including supernatural thriller The Enfield Haunting.Lady Macbeth director William Oldroyd will direct the series.

Benedict Wong, who has appeared in movies including Doctor Strange and The Martian as well as Netflix’s Marco Polo, appeared in the play as Chinese dissident Zhang Lin. He is understood to be in talks to recreate his performance with the producers looking to line-up an A-list name for the starring role.

It will be the second project made by Playground for Channel 4 this year after the broadcaster revealed that it was developing The Undeclared War (w/t), a cyber warfare drama from Peter Kosminsky. Kosminsky’s last effort, The State, about Islamic terrorism, showed that the broadcaster has the appetite to explore controversial subjects, something that Chimerica is likely to encounter.


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