Why cannot I temporally disable monitoring emails which are sent through Email: Lotus notes?

I need a solution

I am using Symantec_DLP_14.0.

I have made a policy which is able to monitor and trigger alert log for confidential materials sent through 1) Removable Storage, 2) Email: Lotus Notes, and Web: HTTPS, HTTP, FTP.

Please also see Agent Configuration below:

Please also see server overview below: (all valid licences)

For testing purposes, I am trying to temporally disable monitoring emails which are sent through Lotus notes. For this I have deselected the channel “Email: Lotus Notes”

 The tricky thing is I can still receive alerts for emails containing confidential email sent from Lotus notes to a testing Gmail account.

I shall expect deselecting the channel “Email: Lotus Notes”in Agent Configuration is correct way to do so?



Lotus Notes/domino question


On returning from a long absence, I am trying to find the correct place to ask questions relating to Lotus Notes/ Domino/Development. I am trying to locate the technical specs/ system requirements for Lotus Notes/Domino/Developer/Administrator for versions 8.* and 9. Could someone point me to the right direction to find the answers to either of these questions?

Thanks in advance


How to send “to do” in lotus notes via VBA?

Hi everybody.

Currently, I have an idea to send “to do list” in lotus notes(IBM Lotus Notes 8.5 Release 8.5.3FP2 SHF151)
via VBA to the one required.

I had succeed in linking lotus notes to VBA code(Excel 2013), and sending E-mails to receivers.
But I haven’t found if there is a way to help VBA to control “to do” application in Lotus Notes and send “to do” to

Any help is appreciated! Thanks.