“Error connecting to the session reliability server” or “Error tunneling through the proxy” with Android Receiver and Samsung S8 + DeX

This article is intended for Citrix administrators and technical teams only.

Non-admin users must contact their company’s Help Desk/IT support team and can refer to CTX297149 for more information.

User docks his Samsung S8+ with an existing ICA session to DeX docking station. Expected outcome would be the session to continue on new display. However,users might encounter the errors above.


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Not Just Another G: What Users Want

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VIP access app and apple watch 4

I need a solution

 We use VIP access for 2 factor authentication for electronic prescriptions in our practice. Currently, I have it set up with my iphone X. However, I would like to use it on my Apple watch 4 (both have the latest updates). Currently the EMR  is not accepting the code from the apple watch. Is that because the watch has a different phone number? If so, how can I find the credential ID for the watch app so I can register it with the EMR vendor (Athena Health)? I don’t mind if it inactivates the app on my iphone (assuming it is the same credential ID as the phone app), and if it is not, where do I find the credential ID number for the watch app.  Does anyone know these answers, or have the same problem?  My system admin does not know, and I tried the Symantec Forum manager, but she did not know either.  Hopefully you can point me in the right direction



MDM enrolment fails when using DEP. The device ends up showing as MAM enrolled only in the server console.

Enrol a device in to Citrix Endpoint Management using DEP. See that the device does not show up as MDM enrolled, when viewed in the server console. The device shows as MAM enrolled only.

If you gather the XCode logs from the device during the enrolment attempt, the following or similar log messages may be found which might help to confirm the cause of this problem:

Mar 20 11:57:49 iPhone Secure Hub[332] <Notice>: [<MDM>:INFO:com.apple.main-thread:303]I:-[MdmInterface probZdmServer:]_block_invoke: checking user eligibility for workspace mode

Mar 20 11:57:49 iPhone Secure Hub[332] <Notice>: [<MDM>:DEBUG1:com.apple.main-thread:303]I:-[MdmInterface getUserEligibilityForWorkspace:requestParameters:withCompletionBlock:]: -[MdmInterface getUserEligibilityForWorkspace:requestParameters:withCompletionBlock:] In.

Mar 20 11:57:49 iPhone Secure Hub[332] <Notice>: [<MDM>:DEBUG1:com.apple.main-thread:303]I:-[MdmInterface getUserEligibilityForWorkspace:requestParameters:withCompletionBlock:]: we dont need to make a authenticated call as mobile app aggregation is = 0 or mobile app aggregation V2 is = 0

Mar 20 11:57:49 iPhone Secure Hub[332] <Notice>: [RECEIVER_UI:DEBUG1:com.apple.main-thread:303]I:-[UICoordinator getTopViewController]: UICoordinator getTopViewController (topViewController) -> <URLViewController: 0x107e34550>

Mar 20 11:57:49 iPhone Secure Hub[332] <Notice>: [<MAM>:DEBUG1:com.apple.main-thread:303]I:-[CTXBaseViewController setSpinnerViewVisible:withText:withDelta:]: Could not remove the spinner as the spinner doesn’t exist.

Mar 20 11:57:49 iPhone Secure Hub[332] <Notice>: [<MDM>:DEBUG3:com.apple.main-thread:303]I:-[AppFlowController enrollmentWithoutAutoDiscovery:onCompletion:]_block_invoke_2:userAlreadyTriedMdmServer = 0

Mar 20 11:57:49 iPhone Secure Hub[332] <Notice>: [<MAM>:INFO:com.apple.main-thread:303]I:-[AppFlowController startMamEnrollmentWithServer:username:password:]:Handing-off for MAM Enrollment with AppCURL

Mar 20 11:57:49 iPhone Secure Hub[332] <Notice>: [<MDM>:DEBUG1:com.apple.main-thread:303]I:-[MdmInterface getMdmSubsystemInfo]: Method getMdmSubsystemInfo Device Id in MdmSubsystemInfo Dict

Mar 20 11:57:49 iPhone Secure Hub[332] <Notice>: [<MDM>:DEBUG1:com.apple.main-thread:303]I:-[AppFlowController fetchDeviceConfiguration:]: MDM system information: received

Mar 20 11:57:49 iPhone Secure Hub[332] <Notice>: [<MAM>:INFO:com.apple.main-thread:303]I:-[AppFlowController fetchDeviceConfiguration:]: FTU_MODE could not find MDM or MAM-enrollment

In the messages above, Secure Hub appears to check if the user is someone who should be logged on to Citrix Workspace.

checking user eligibility for workspace mode

Afterwards, because the ‘logged on user’ in Secure Hub is not the DEP Enrolment user, an incorrect detail is seen when Secure Hub checks to see if the device is MDM enrolled at this time.

userAlreadyTriedMdmServer = 0

This ultimately results in the new enrolment taking place, instead of the MDM enrolment being left in place.

Handing-off for MAM Enrollment with AppCURL

FTU_MODE could not find MDM or MAM-enrollment


Iphone Re-enrolling Fail

I need a solution

I Enrolled an Iphone. For testing I Un-enrolled the device.

I’m in the proceess to re-enroll the same device and I followed all the instructions to install it but it always fail.

I removed the Management profile after  removing the SEP app.

If I get under Settings >> General sometimes I’m able to see profiles but when I click to see if I have a Profile is empty. Then Profiles disappeared from Settings. The only way to see it again is doing a restart.

Right now I’m not able to re-enroll this iphone.

I need some ideas on how to fix this problem.

Thank you



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MonetaGo Leaves IBM’s Hyperledger Fabric to Join Forces with R3’s Corda

On Tuesday, February 26, it was announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that HTC now is giving wider opportunities to buy its new Exodus 1 cryptophone by selling it not only for BTC and ETH.

Second launch – bigger and better

Now one can buy the phone also with BNB and LTC, along with fiat currencies, including USD.

The manager in charge of the ‘decentralization line’ at HTC, Phil Chen, shared in an interview that this is like a second and more prominent launch than the one undertaken at the end of 2018.

The current price of the phone is around $700, and the product is available online. Later on, as per Chen, the gadget will be sold in offline stores too.

Negotiations with chains of shops to sell the phone are now in progress, and this is what apparently made HTC take part in Mobile World Congress.

Supporting Web 3.0, merging with Opera

On Tuesday, HTC also spread word about its plans to integrate Exodus with the Opera browser.

This popular browser already cooperates with crypto wallets. One of them is the Zion mobile app, providing the services of a storage vault for virtual coins.

This will enable users who prefer this app to other ones to make micropayments on various sites directly through the browser or through dApps installed onto the phone.

Phil Chen mentioned in the interview that Exodus was initially created to join the Web 3.0 concept. He believes that in the future around 80 percent of currently popular dApps will work on HTC’s new smartphone.

The Opera rep and head of the browser’s crypto business direction, Charles Hamel, publicly said that his company is proud to work with HTC and its new smartphone. He also added that a new generation of the Web is about to come, where crypto will be used by people easily and securely.

Security of crypto on Exodus

The new smartphone only operates with an Internet-connected wallet. However, it does have a sort of secured area with a kind of firewall that protects it from malicious attacks on the phone.

If users lose their private keys, the social recovery system that HTC announced last year will help them get the keys back.


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