7021812: Copying and Pasting Text with Reflection X 14.x or Reflection X Advantage

Note: Some features and issues (that specifically reference Reflection X) do not apply to Reflection X Advantage.

Copying Text to the Clipboard

You can copy text from an X application or a Microsoft Windows application.

Copying Text from an X Application

To copy text in an X application window, use one of the following methods, depending on the application:

  • Select (highlight) the text by clicking the left mouse button and dragging the mouse. After the mouse button is released, the data may remain selected (as in xterm) or may no longer be highlighted (as in aixterm). The selected text is automatically copied.
  • Select text and use the application’s Edit Copy menu item or command (if available).
  • Select text and use the Copy Selection feature in the Reflection X control menu.
  • In dterm, select text and press Ctrl+Insert keys.
  • In Sun textedit, select text and press Alt+C.
  • In Sun cmdtool or textedit, select text and press a keystroke you previously custom-mapped (in Reflection X keyboard remapping) to the “copy” function key on the left side of the Sun host keyboard.

Copying Text from a Windows Application

To copy text in a Windows application to the clipboard, after selecting (highlighting) text, use one of the following methods, depending on the application:

  • Click Edit > Copy.
  • Right-click > Copy.
  • Press Ctrl+C keys.
  • Press Ctrl+Insert keys.

Pasting Text from the Clipboard

You can paste the copied text into an X application or a Microsoft Windows application.

Pasting Text into an X Application

To paste clipboard text into the active X application window, position the text cursor to the desired insertion point and do one of the following, depending on the application (and your mouse hardware):

If none of the above methods work, see Problems Copying and Pasting below.

Pasting Text into a Windows Application

To paste clipboard text into a Windows application, use one of the following methods, depending on the application:

  • Click Edit > Paste.
  • Right-click > Paste.
  • Press Ctrl+V keys.
  • Press Shift+Insert keys

Problems Copying and Pasting

If you have problems using copy and paste functionality, review the known issues below.

  • If you are using Reflection X and have intermittent problems pasting into X windows, the issue may be resolved in a service pack. Specifically, you may be able to paste into an X application immediately after Reflection X and the X application have started, but not after another X application has closed.

This issue and other related problems have been fixed in Reflection X 14.0 Service Pack 4 (and higher).

When troubleshooting, to determine if text is copied to the Windows clipboard, run the ClipBook Viewer (C:WindowsSystem32clipbrd.exe).

Understanding Clipboard Differences

Microsoft Windows uses a single clipboard to handle copying and pasting between applications. The X Window System allows X client applications to use one or more clipboard-like storage areas for selections. The default Reflection X Clipboard Settings automatically link the X selection to the Windows Clipboard.

Although some X clients may use different selections or cut buffers, you can copy text only from one X client at a time.


7021813: Using the Middle Mouse Button in X Windows

Middle Mouse Button Functionality

If you are having trouble using the middle mouse button in your X client applications (such as pasting copied clipboard text into xterm), try the following:

Configure Mouse Driver

Depending on your hardware and system, you may be able to configure an OEM Mouse Driver or Microsoft IntelliPoint Driver.

OEM Mouse Driver

Open the mouse configuration utility provided with your system or mouse hardware (if available). Use this utility to configure the middle mouse button (or pressing of the mouse wheel) to function as a middle button click.

Figure 1. Example: Windows taskbar tray icon for Dell mouse utilityFigure 1. Example: Windows taskbar tray icon for Dell mouse utility

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Figure 1. Example: Windows taskbar tray icon for Dell mouse utility
Figure 2. Example: Configuring middle button function in Dell mouse utility

Microsoft IntelliPoint Driver

If you do not have any hardware-specific mouse driver installed, or it does not support middle mouse button configuration, try downloading and installing the appropriate Microsoft IntelliPoint driver for your Windows operating system:


After installing the IntelliPoint software, open Control Panel > Mouse and configure the wheel button to function as a middle click.

Note: If you need your middle mouse button to perform a different function in other applications, enable program-specific settings.

Enable Middle Button Emulation in Reflection X or Reflection X Advantage

If your mouse does not have a middle button, you can enable middle button emulation in Reflection X settings.

After enabling this feature, when you press the left and right buttons simultaneously, the X Manager treats it as a middle mouse button click.

Note: This feature is not supported in Reflection X Advantage version 2.0 through 4.0. This feature is supported beginning in Reflection X Advantage 4.0.345 or higher.


7021786: Problem Running Macros or Send Key Commands from the EXTRA! Toolbar

If a toolbar button that is configured to run a Macro or a Send Key command appears on the EXTRA! toolbar’s overflow drop-down menu, nothing happens when you click the button.

This problem occurs when a macro or send key command is associated with a toolbar button, and that toolbar button appears on the toolbar’s overflow drop-down menu.

Toolbar buttons appear on the overflow drop-down menu if the toolbar displayed in EXTRA! is too wide for the session window. When additional toolbar buttons are available, the down-arrow button on the far-right of the toolbar changes to include two small right arrows, indicating that more options are available.

To access the buttons on the overflow menu, click the button with the arrows on it. The overflow menu displays.

Figure 1 – Toolbar Menu with Additional Items Displayed in Overflow Drop-Down Menu

Macro and send key command buttons do not work from the overflow menu.

Note: To see if a button is associated with a macro or send key command, click the button, and then click Edit > Object Properties. For macros, the Category field is Macros. For Send Key commands, the Category field is Miscellaneous and the Commands is Send Key.


How to click a coach button from a coach view

Hi All,

I have 2 buttons.One button in coach view and another button in coach which contains this coach view.I want to click the button in coach after clicking the button in coach view.Can you please help me in solving this.



An error occurred while trying to determine the number of mouse buttons.

Product: Windows Operating System
Event ID: 34
Source: i8042prt
Version: 5.0
Component: System Event Log
Message: An error occurred while trying to determine the number of mouse buttons.

This event record indicates that this mouse might be damaged, or the connections to it might be loose. It is also possible that the mouse port itself might be damaged.

User Action

Check the connections. If you still get this message, try using a different mouse. If that does not correct the problem, try substituting a serial mouse.