Chrome reports ShareFile sub-domain as a phishing website

As of 25 March 2021, Google safe browsing is incorrectly reporting that some sites are suspected phishing sites. This also appears to affect Firefox for users with certain plugins enabled.

Citrix are actively working with Google to resolve the issue.

Note:- The error is only seen when using the Web interface. Citrix Files apps for Windows / macOS / mobile platforms are not affected. The plugins for Outlook are also not affected.


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Need to help on opening Administrator Daily Summary Report

I need a solution


We usually get Administrator Daily Summary Report from our SEPM servers. But we have noticed one thing that from 14 version onwards we are unable to go through the fields of the Administrator Daily Summary Report. We have tried in almost all browsers (IE,Edge,Chrome and Firefox) and the report is opening but we are unable go through the fields .Especially unable to expand any fields inside .Could you please share your thoughts .Please find the attachments for more details .





Original RightSignature: Unable to upload documents via Firefox Browser

Why Can I Not Upload Documents in FireFox?

RS3 customers are reporting that they are unable to upload documents specifically in the FireFox browser. After choosing a document from “Browse”, the document will upload to 100% but never renders for conversion.

We discovered that there was a recent change to Mozilla FireFox that was made in regards to a security vulnerability fix released May 9, 2018.

External Resource:

For more information please refer to the following article:


There are two workarounds we can provide to customers who are experiencing this issue. Please refer to the following:


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