Re: MSM & Avamar 7.4

Just got 2 Avamar grids upgraded to 7.4.1-58. No DataDomain. Just storage nodes.

Was told BMR going away. Installed MSM (Multiple Systems Management) as advised.

Management section appears to work.

Monitoring does not.

Both grids give the following error when I select “Activate Monitoring”, and the task is called “Start messaging service”:

Error: Unable to activate messaging service: MCSDK10.MethodFault From DataProtectionSystem{id=null}: {FaultMessage: Failed – ERROR: System misconfiguration. /etc/apache2/vhosts.d/vhost-ssl.conf not found.


I took a look at both grids and the file “vhost-ssl.conf” is indeed not there.

However, this file is: vhost-ssl.conf.disabled_for_nss

Looking at the modified date and time, they both match up to when the server was upgraded.

It would seem the upgrade changed that file and now MSM can’t find it.

Scoured release notes, forums and searched the web. Nothing found.

Anyone have any experience with this? MSM seems pretty cool if I can get it to work.