vnx to unity migration ( options for NAS)

Using ndmpcopy from VNX / Unity to VNX / Unity

A Linux ndmpcopy binary is available from

it includes a man page

A couple of tips:

– You need to configure a NDMP password both on the src and dst NAS server (sa/da option)

– src path can be a file system or a snapshot – check with CIFS/NFS/ftp that its valid

– dst path has to be on a writeable file system – on a replication destination NAS server you cannot write directly into / since that would be that NAS server root which isn’t writeable

– dst path directory will be created if it doesn’t exist – unless it’s on the NAS server readonly root

– ndmpcopy doesn’t support a single file as the src – so you need to copy at least a directory

– ndmpcopy works file based so src/dst can be any directory in the file system

– user and tree quotas as well as shares need to be recreated seperately on the dst if needed


Copying from the read-only manual checkpoint called “ro” of file system fs3_multi on a read-only dst NAS server of a Unity system to a writeable file system fs1_multi on another Unity system into directory restored_fs3

service@unknown spa:~> ./ndmpcopy -sa ndmp:NdmpNdmp1! -da ndmp:NdmpNdmp1! -sport 10000 -dport 10000 -level 0

Connecting to Connecting to CONNECT: Connection established. CONNECT: Connection established. LOG: SnapSure file system creation succeeds10.245.19.153: LOG: server_archive: emctar vol 1, 13 files, 0 bytes read, 1983480 bytes written HALT: The operation was successful!

Waiting for to halt too. LOG: server_archive: emctar vol 1, 13 files, 1983480 bytes read, 0 bytes written HALT: The operation was successful!

The transfer is complete.

Elapsed time: 0 hours, 0 minutes, 7 seconds


Our VTL Drives goes down

I need a solution


We have a VTL drives goes down issue with our NBU on windows cluster. The VTL is connected to ndmp. Last time the issue was fixed by reconfiguring the storage but the issue has occurred again.

The time when it goes down we see the below event log

Event ID: 2650
Task Category: None
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
ndmp_public_session_create() failed: Timeout waiting for connected message from NDMP serve

As per the below article it is pointing towards hardware communication side.

Can somebody tell me which logs needs to be checked on both nbu and VTL side to conclude where the issue lies.

Thank you



Replication Director – NetApp Filers

I need a solution

I have a NBU 7611 environment with Windows Master Server and 5220 appliances, all running well.  We also have a number of NetApp filers, and are looking to manage these with the Replication Director component of NBU.

When testing I noticed that whilst Replication Director functioned perfectly well on one of our filers it gave errors when vaildating the policy for the other filers.  To cut a long story short this turned out to be due to the NetApp NFS license being installed on the filer that worked OK and not being installed on all the other filers (which were failing to validate the policy).

We do not use NFS on the filers, so I don’t understand why we should need the NFS license !!  When we added the NFS license to the filers which were failing validation they now work perfectly.  however – we have a number of filers which are not licensed for NFS and we don’t want to have to buy the NFS license simply to use Replication Director.

It is an NDMP policy type and works fine as long as the NFS license is installed on the filer.  If the license isn’t installed the policy will not validate or run.

Why does Replication Director require NFS on the filer ?

Any ideas ?