Drop solve is taking forever to complete and log ism’t updated since last 1 hour


I have been running a problem which is running for more than 1 hour and also log isn’t updating since one hour, it seems that the solver is stuck, please see the log below, it is not updating since ore than one hour. I am terminating the solve now, please let me know if I can share mps file and you can let us know if the solver is able to solve the problem.

[link text][1]

[1]: /answers/storage/temp/19424-job502172819151506656164770.txt


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How to add and configure Dashboard item in Dashboard tab using saved searches in IBM QRadar?


I am trying to add and configure dashboard item using save searches in QRadar 7.2.8.
But, It some how does not work always. It show message like “No result to show graph” or “There was no Time Series data for the search performed.” even if we can see Graph in log activity tab for the same saved search.

Please find attached images for the described problem.

Any help would be appreciated.



Why do I have different FirstOccurrence for the alarm and the child alarms?

I have for an alarm the First Occurrence set to 3/2/17 9AM, and when I open child alarm the FirstOccurrence is 3/2/17 8AM. On the graph I can see that 8AM is the real start of the problem .
Also, on the same list, the alarm above selected is the same alarm, just first anomalious interval (same graph on the third picture, first anomalious interval).