Generating Plans Automatically for Conjoint Analysis

I am using SPSS to develop an Orthogonal Design. The design is a 4x3x3x3x3 (324 factors). The following sample syntax automatically generates 16 cards (I don’t have to tell it to generate that many).

My question is whether SPSS has ‘automatically calculated’ the number of cases I should be using for my design, or whether I should influence the number of cards generated. In other words, do I *need to* increase this, or can I rely on the ‘judgement’ by SPSS to use 16 cases.

Here is my plan:


/FACTORS=Fruit ‘Attribute1’ (1 ‘apple’ 2 ‘Orange’ 3 ‘Pear ‘ 4 ‘Raspberry’) Chocolate ‘Attribute2’ (1 ‘snickers’ 2 ‘wispa’ 3 ‘twix’) Pizza ‘Attribute3’ (1 ‘Margherita’ 2 ‘plain’ 3 ‘vegetable’) drink ‘attribute4’ (1 ‘coke’ 2 ‘pepsi’ 3 ‘water’) price ‘attribute5’ (1 ‘cheap’ 2 ‘not cheap’ 3 ‘expensive’)



p.s. I understand that I should add some ‘holdout cases’ (I will do that in my final study).


Orthogonal Design – SPPS Statistics Base 24

Try to da a conjoint analysis with SPSS Statistics Base 24. To me more correct I like to create an orthogonal design. My workbook says it’s done by choose “data” and then move to “orthogonal design” but there is now way to select this. Is there a different way to create this orthogonal design or do I need to get an update? Please tell me how to do.