DLP can’t detect emails classified with Titus software

I need a solution

Customer uses Titus classification software for file classification. Titus has been embedded in MS Office software, including MS Outlook. I have managed to form Symantec DLP policies to detecti classified MS Office files, either copied through network or sent through email, except for classified emails sent directly through MS Outlook. MS Outlook detects if classification appears in body of mail, in attached files, in mails sent through reply or forward, but it can not detect “clean” classified mails.



Release to File after releasing an email

I need a solution

I tried releasing an email with a quarentined attachment. However, only the email was released, the attachment stayed encrypted and quarentined. I want to now “Release to File” but I don’t see a way to access the email because it no longer shows up in the Quarentine list. Is there a way to do this? 



What Outlook Plugin needs to be disabled before sending email containing encrypted files

I need a solution

Could someone advise the name of the plugin in Outlook that must be disabled prior to sending an email containing encrypted files. I believe the symantec encryption software installs a plugin in Outlook that will not allow unencrupted emails to be sent and that any such email is deleted with no way of retrieving it. 



SourceOne Offline Access – Restore on COPY/Restore on MOVE does not work with Offline access while doing moves outside Outlook store

Article Number: 501850Article Version: 3 Article Type: Break Fix

SourceOne Offline Access,SourceOne Email Management

Restore on COPY/Restore on MOVE does not work with Offline Access while doing moves outside Outlook store

SourceOne development team cannot improve this behaviour as Microsoft implemented software changes since Outlook 2010, that won’t allow Offline Access software to gather important properties to perform the restore of Shortcut messages outside Outlook store

Currently Restore on COPY/Restore on MOVE outside Outlook store is not supported by SourceOne Offline Access

This is not currently supported by SourceOne Offline Access due to changes made by Microsoft.

As a workaround you can use the following procedure.

— Open the shortcut message you need move/copy outside Outlook store.

— Go to File > Save As, select the location where you want to save the message.

— Once you complete this process you will have a restored message.


unable to access blocked outgoing email

I do not need a solution (just sharing information)

When an outgoing email  is blocked by PGP, unlike described in the  documentation I don’t receive any admin message informing why the message was blocked and so I don’t know how to access the blocked email which is not visible in my desktop email client (outlook 2016). I have type several messages that i’D like to recover ! if someone could hep, thanks in adavance.



Troubleshooting steps to fix ‘scanpst.exe fails with Fatal Error 80040818’

Outlook PST powers the smooth functioning of Outlook by acting as a safe-house for all emails, contacts, calendar entries, notes, etc. associated with user mailboxes. However, with time and continued usage, data keeps piling up within PST files pushing them towards size limit breach and eventual corruption. The ScanPST.exe utility offered by Microsoft comes handy to detect and fix errors and corruption within PST files. While it works in most situations, sometimes it can fail due to several reasons and throw cryptic errors like the ‘Fatal Error 80040818’ leaving users confused and clueless as to what should be done next.

Read on to find out everything there is to know about this error and how you can fix it without much trouble.

Causes that trigger ‘Fatal Error 80040818’

Outlook supports PST files of two formats – ANSI and Unicode. Outlook versions 2002 and earlier supported ANSI format PST files which were bound by a 2GB size limit. This limit was extended to 20GB for Unicode format PST files supported by Outlook versions 2003 and beyond. The amount of data that your Outlook PST can handle therefore depends on the format in which it is encoded. Whenever the size of the PST file approaches its limit, it starts facing the threat of corruption.

Other causes of PST file corruption include:

  • Accessing ANSI format PST file with Outlook 2003 or later versions
  • Over-stuffing PST files with data without cleaning or archiving them once a while
  • Abrupt system termination or Frequent Power surges
  • Virus infection to the files
  • Bad sectors on the hard drive where the PST is saved

If your Outlook PST file has been corrupted owing to any of the above mentioned reasons, you are bound to face problems. Resolving them at the earliest is the only way to get back to work.

Solutions to ‘ScanPST.exe fails with fatal error 80040818’

The Inbox Repair utility ScanPST.exe offered by Microsoft is the first method used by most Outlook users to detect and fix corruptions and other errors within PST files. However, in cases of severe PST corruption, this utility fails to perform its task and terminates throwing errors like ScanPST.exe fails with fatal error 80040818. In such cases, you can try out one of the below mentioned techniques to fix the issue:

  • Reinstall MS Outlook – this might fix any anomalies in PST file behavior
  • Use CHKDSK utility available in Windows OS– this will help repair disk permissions and other system errors
  • Split and Compress PST files – this will help in reducing PST file size which is the original cause of PST file corruption
  • Try moving the corrupted file to a system installed with earlier version of Outlook or convert the Outlook PST file from ANSI format to Unicode format

Though these tricks should help you fix the problem, if the error still doesn’t budge, read the next section to find out our pick for the best PST repair software which will empower you to defeat this error for sure.

Sure-shot remedy for PST file corruption

Extensive research across various popular technical forums point out that the best Outlook repair utility available online is Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair. Powered by advanced scanning and repair algorithms, this software can easily detect and repair corruption within PST files and rid it off all nasty errors. The process is non-intrusive and non-destructive so the format of your PST file data isn’t modified in any way during the repair. A simple 3-step approach (Scan-Preview-Save), fully interactive GUI, and tons of other associated benefits make this software the ideal choice to fix problems like Fatal Error: 80040818.

Wrapping it up

Getting on top of PST file corruption is easy when you have inbuilt utilities like ScanPST.exe. However, such utilities fail when severe corruption strikes. Thus, keeping reliable professional software like Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair handy is the best way to handle such errors.



PST Repair Tool to Recover All Outlook Mailbox Items – Free Trial


Email Encryption Working

I need a solution

We need to know when a user(outside) replies to an encrypted email, does it come back to Outlook mailbox as normal mail, or does the user requires opening the portal to get to the emails?

I will appreciate if you can share details on how the process works.

Thank you



desktop email encryption

I need a solution

I’m looking for s solution for a MAC OS using MS outlook for email encryption plugin. we are a company of 10 users but working in a stand alone mode, no mail server.

Does this product must be working in a Centralized Management mood or it can be installed on a stand a lone machine?

Also, can I somewher see a video explaining how the recipent wiht no PGP solutioncan open an encrypted email he gets, if there is no demo can you pls try to explain?



Repair corrupt .pst file in Outlook

To repair corrupt .pst file using manually using scanpst.exe offered by Microsoft, it is totally free for users. If scanpst.exe fails in repairing of corrupt .pst file of MS Outlook then try PST Repair application that allows to repair or restore damage .pst in MS Outlook.

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