Taking too much time to print

I need a solution

Hi all,

I am having an issue with the printing time on a client. We have created a rule that blocks one special file (.pdf) if  the users try to print it; but after enabeling the rule, They started to experience long waiting times (around 12 seconds per page).

I pulled the logs from the agent, but I can not figure out what it is wrong. Every user is affected, and every .pdf file take that long (no matter if the file is monitoriced in our policies or not).

Thanks for the help



SPARK UI: pagination read-only in read-only table

We are using BPM 857 CF 2017.03, along with Spark UI 452CF EE.
When you have a table with a selected record and combine it with
pagination, you can not use the pagination if the table control
is read-only. The pagination is also read-only then.
The disabled control means that you should not be able to
modify it, but disabling the control, also disables pagination.
What can be done to resolve this?
We are looking to move to BPM UI toolkit in the near future.


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Table control from Responsive Coaches toolkit (BPM 8.5.7 CF2017.03) is not working as per our expectations

We are using IBM BPM V8.5.7 CF2017.03.
Table control from Responsive Coaches toolkit is not working as per our expectations.
There are 14 total records to be displayed in a table which has pagination enabled with 5 records per page.
So table divided into 3 pages for 14 records with Page1, Page2, Page3 containing 5,5,4 records respectively.
However, the table shows as below
First page displays 5 records
Second page displays 5 records
Third page also displays 5 records, 1 row is shown from previous page which is redundancy.
Expected Behavior: Last page should display only 4 records.


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Re: Split pages in document using Multi

Hi bhuvaneswari.ti,

Please see your other discussion thread at Split multi page document and save as PDF files. In addition to that thread, it is possible using IA values and IA Multifor document separation. For IA Multi to split the document, Ready = 1, when ImageProcessor.BlankPage = 1 or ImageProcessor.Barcode{0}_Text <> “”, or ImageProcessor:0.Barcodes_Count > 0, then all the pages would need to be in the same document to begin with. If the pages where all in separate documents to begin with, then you would use Ready=16 on the document node to delete the document so the images or page nodes are now in the same document. It is easier if possible to have all the pages in the same document initially and then splitting every time a blank page or bar code is detected with Ia values from ImageProcessor versus having all the pages in separate documents initially and then deleting unneeded document nodes.

Hope this helps.