“Access Denied” when opening PDFs from Citrix Files through Adobe products

Protected Mode and Protected View interact poorly with content on mounted drives. Citrix is receiving reports from customers that the latest update seems to have set Protected View to on by default.

The planned update for both Adobe Acrobat Pro and Adobe Reader was scheduled on February 9th, 2021, according to the following link:



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RightSignature 4: Sending a Document for Signature

There are three ways to begin preparing a document for signature in RightSignature 4:

  • From the RightSignature 4 Dashboard, click “Start Document” and select “Send for Signature.”
  • From the ShareFile Dashboard of an account with RightSignature 4 enabled, click “Share Files” and select “Send for Signature”.
  • From a ShareFile folder, right click the document you wish to send for signature and select “Send for Signature”.

Any of these options will bring you to the document sending page. If you selected a document to send, it will automatically be converted into a PDF file to serve as the background for your form. If you did not choose an existing document, you will need to select one using the available options before continuing.

After confirming the document has been uploaded, click “Prepare Document”. You will now be prompted to select the Signer or Signers of this document. For each person who needs to sign this particular document, enter their name and the email address you want this document to be sent to. Be sure to enter each signer’s name and email correctly – once the document is sent, they cannot be changed and the document will have to be recreated. Additionally, if multiple Signers are added to the document, the option to Set Signer Order will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. If enabled, this will send the document to each signer in turn, as listed on this page, rather than sending the document to all Signers at once.

Once all Signers are added to the form, select “Next: Place Fields”. You will be directed to a copy of the form where you can place all necessary fields for the customer to complete. When sending a document, each area you want the customer to fill in information will need to have an appropriate field added. The following fields are available:

  • Signature Field: This field prompts a user to sign the document at the selected location. Most documents will want to include at least one of these.
  • Text Field: This field prompts the user to enter text of any kind at the selected location. By default, all text is displayed on a single line, but it can be toggled to multiline display.
  • Date Field: This field prompts the user to enter a date at the selected location. By default, the date will be displayed in a MM/DD/YYYY format; this can be changed to DD/MM/YYYY in the field’s options.
  • Checkbox: This field allows the user to place a check mark on the form.
  • Checkbox Group: This field creates a checkbox group. Checkboxes can be added to the group by selecting “Add To Group”. By default, a user can select only one checkbox from the group, but the user can instead be required to select one or more option from the group.
  • Initials Field: Similar to a signature field, this field prompts the user to sign their initials at that location.
  • Select Box: The Select Box creates a dropdown menu from which the user is prompted to select a single option. This is useful if the user must choose from a list of options.
  • Attachment: This field prompts the user to attach a file to be returned with the signed document.
  • Collect Payment: This field allows you to collect payment information from users, or to charge them a fixed amount once the form is signed, via our Stripe integration. Consult the following article for more information: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX227763

Click on the document to place a Field, then drag to adjust it to fit. Double click on the Field to display an options menu where the Field’s properties can be adjusted. This allows you to decide whether a field is required or optional, whether the Field should be highlighted during the signing process, and if working on a document with multiple Signers, which Signer should complete that field.

If you’ve sent a similar document before, you can use the “Import Overlay” option to copy all Fields from an old document onto this one instead of having to manually replace every single Field.

Note: You cannot change the underlying document from this screen.

Once all Fields are placed and configured correctly, click “Next: Review”. From this screen, you will be able to change any document-wide settings before sending. Settings include:

  • Name: The name of the document that the customer will receive.
  • Recipients: Who will receive the document. Signers cannot be changed at this step, but additional recipients can be CC’d to the document email if desired.
  • Message: The body of the message that will be sent to the recipient(s) of the document.
  • Expiration Date: How long the recipient(s) have to sign the document before it’s automatically voided.
  • Passcode: Whether or not the document is passcode-protected. If enabled, a four-digit PIN will be generated that the recipient(s) will need to access the document. This PIN must be sent to the signer(s) manually.
  • Add Tag: This allows you to add tags to the document for easy access and sorting in the future.

Once all options are configured, hit “Send Document”. A link to the document will be sent directly to the recipient(s). Signers will be immediately prompted to sign the document, and do not need to create or log into a RightSignature account to do so.


Adobe Reader update

I need a solution

Hi to all

I have a problem with .pdf files detonated in Adobe Reader XI – files do not suport this version of Adobe.

The guide says that you must install XI version and use the ready temp registry.
I tested for the new DC version, mapped the registry key to the DC version, but the result is low score.

There is any sloution for it (mayby ready .temp file?)

Kind Regards




ShareFile Mobile PDFs

ShareFile mobile apps allow Employee users to view and annotate PDF files. To access these tools, locate a PDF file in your ShareFile app and Edit it. Please keep in mind that only users with Download and Upload permissions on the folder where the PDF is stored may edit it. Once the file has opened in the PDF viewer, use the toolbar at the top to access various PDF annotation tools. The appearance of these functions may differ depending on which mobile app you are using.

User-added image

Text / Font

Change the text formatting for your highlighted selection.

User-added image

Insert Comments, Fields, or Signature

Insert comment notes, text boxes, or add signatures to your PDF.

User-added image

Highlight or Draw Figures

Highlight the page, or compose figures or shapes.

User-added image

Insert Stamp, Photo or Audio

Apply a stamp, insert a photo or record a voice memo using your device.

User-added image

Redo or Undo

User-added image

Page View

User-added image

Saving Annotations

By clicking close, you will be given the option to save the file back to ShareFile, which will upload the updated version of the file.


How to Open and Edit PDF Files on ShareFile Desktop App for Windows

Important! This feature opens the file in your native PDF-editing app. If you have set a default program for opening PDF files that is not one of the apps listed here, this feature may not function properly.

To Open and Edit a PDF file, select the file and choose the Open and Edit button at the bottom of the app, or right-click the file and select Open and Edit.

User-added image

Any changes made in Adobe Acrobat Pro will be saved back to ShareFile when the file is saved. If you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, you may only view the PDF file. Any comments or annotations made in Adobe Reader are not saved back to ShareFile.


RightSignature 3.0 Signing

Do recipients need to have a RightSignature account?

No. Recipients do not need to have an account to receive a document from you. There is no limit to the number of recipients to whom you send documents.

When you send a document, your recipient will receive an email containing a unique link. After clicking the link, the recipient views and signs the document in the browser, with no downloads and no plug-ins.

How do I download the original document?

To download a copy of the original, unsigned document, in the column to the right of the document:

• Click the Document Details tab

• Click the arrow to the left of Source Files to view the source documents

• Click the original document to download it and save it to your computer

How do I download the signed document?

To download a copy of the signed document, in the column to the right of the document:

• Click the Document Details tab

• Click the PDF Download button to download the signed document and save it to your computer

Note that if the document is not yet fully executed (one or more signers has not yet signed), the PDF Download button will produce the original document, not the signed document.

Can I save my signature to use again?

Yes. If you sign documents frequently on RightSignature, you may find it convenient to capture a signature you like one time, then reuse it each time you sign. You may only create a Saved Signature by signing online with your mouse.

User-added image

To create a Saved Signature:

  1. Once logged in, click Account
  2. Click the Saved Signatures tab
  3. Sign your name in the signature box by clicking and holding while moving your mouse
  4. Click Save Signature
  5. You may create multiple saved signatures if you wish
  6. After you have created a Saved Signature, each time you sign a document on RightSignature you will see a Saved Signature option in the signature pad. Select that option, then click the image of your Saved Signature to apply it to the document.

User-added image

What if a recipient isn’t comfortable signing online?

A recipient who isn’t comfortable signing online can easily print out a faxable signature page, sign it by hand, and fax it to RightSignature. Using a unique barcode, the fax signature page will be appended automatically to your document online.

Please note the faxable signature page option is available on documents only requiring a signature and date. If the signer is required to fill in text fields, checkboxes, or initials boxes, the document must be completed and signed online.

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