Gaining Speed – The Momentum around Data Protection for Kubernetes

Physicists define momentum as “the impetus gained by a moving object.” That may be the technical view, but in the world outside of physics, momentum commonly means “gaining speed.” Many things thrive on momentum. An underdog sports team can gain momentum and work their way to a championship. Politicians can ride a wave of momentum into office. Even personal relationships build upon their momentum to blossom into love. In business, momentum is seen as a good thing. It’s a sign that you are doing something right, getting the attention of buyers and solving problems for customers. … READ MORE


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How to Configure LHC to use Custom Port

Follow below steps to configure Citrix Broker and Citrix High Availability services to use custom port.

• Modify the default storefront port of Citrix Broker service via cmd or PowerShell by using below command

User-added image
• Modify the storefront port of High Availability service to be same as that of Broker service. Although SF port for this gets updated automatically but still change it explicitly by using below command.

User-added image
• Launching Citrix studio will prompt you for “Automatic Site Upgrade” and continuing with the upgrade should update the broker service port changes returning with 1 successful task.

User-added image

• Follow the above steps on all the delivery controllers and complete automatic site upgrade via Citrix studio.

• Run netsh http show urlacl on all the DDCs and ensure you see Reserved URLs of all the broker WCF endpoints for CitrixHighAvailabilityService and they are in ‘Listening’ state.


• Modify the Storefront GUI port via SF console to match with the Storefront port configured for Citrix Broker and Citrix HA services.

User-added image
• Validate and confirm, you are able to enumerate and launch applications successfully.

• Switch to LHC outage mode and monitor the events on DDC to confirm secondary broker service has taken over to serve user requests.

• Validate and confirm, you are able to enumerate and launch applications successfully in LHC outage mode.

LHC Outage Mode:

During the period directly after the database connection is lost, resource (Application/Desktop) enumerations in StoreFront and Session launches may fail. In practice it takes ~2 minutes before the site starts working (Resources enumerating and session launching). The site will not be fully functional until all the machines have re-registered which may take up to 10 minutes (You can decrease this interval via registry) . Recovery from the outage follows a similar flow.

Step Timeline Description
1 0 seconds DDCs lose connectivity to the Site Database.
2 0 – 60 seconds Services are unable to contact site database and report errors in the event log.
3 120 seconds Broker Service hands over the XML communication to the High Availability Service (Secondary Broker).
4 120 seconds StoreFront is no longer able to communicate with the Secondary DDCs. All Enumerations are going to the Primary DDC.
5 120 – 600 seconds VDAs begin to register with the Secondary Broker on the Primary DDC.
6 120 – 600 seconds Site is ready.

The process of exiting outage

Step Timeline Description
1 0 seconds DDCs gain connectivity to the Site Database.
2 0 – 60 seconds Services connect to the Site Database and report connection in the event log.
3 120 seconds High Availability Service (Secondary Broker) hands over the XML communication to the Broker Service.
4 120 seconds StoreFront is able to communicate with all the DDCs
5 120-600 seconds VDAs begin to register with the Broker Service a DDC in their List of DDCs.
6 120-600 seconds Site is ready.


EventID:505 is Logged Repeatedly Even After LHC is Created Again

This happens when users still have HaDatabaseName_log.ldf and HaImportDatabaseName_log.ldf in C:WindowsServiceProfilesNetworkService folder even after LHC recreation.

On the other hand, HaDatabaseName.mdf, HaImportDatabaseName.mdf was not there.

If all 4 files (HaDatabaseName.mdf, HaImportDatabaseName.mdf ,HaDatabaseName_log.ldf and HaImportDatabaseName_log.ldf) are not deleted in LHC recreation step described in CTX228758, it doesn’t complete and cause EventID:505.


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MDS sfp optical amplitude monitorining

Samples to MDS sfp optical amplitude monitoring.

/*** Brocade environment is here ***/

/*** Japanese page also available ***/

entSensorValue in CISCO-ENTITY-MIB has entries for Tx/Rx optical amplitude value.

Bellow is snmpwalk with entSensorValues to review which entry has optical amplitude to MDS9148.


Some lines include “dBm(14)” and optical amplitude is set this index in entSensorValue MIB

Bellow is entSensorValue, “pink” circles showed optical amplitude.


Hmm, -40000000 ???

Let’s check with “show interface transceiver.


It seems MIB values should be devided by 10000000,. Sequence is Rx, TX order.

sfps were not plugged at fc1/3-5. Index values entSesorValue showed big difference between the 2nd and

the 3rd entry. It seems entry is created every ports.

Following formulas maybe applied for MDS series. (Not sure Catalyst)

index = 30000000 + (1760 * (module# – 1) * 256) + (1760 * (port# -1))

Following values should be added for each entries

2: Voltage

4: Ampare

7: Temperature

13: Optical Amplitude – Receiver

14: Optical Amplitude – Tranmitter

Calculated Receiver Amplitude wuth aboves for fc1/1, fc1/2 and fc1/3.

fc1/1: 30000000 + (1760 * (1 – 1)) * 256) + (1760 * (1 – 1)) + 13 = 30000013

fc1/2: 30000000 + (1760 * (1 – 1)) * 256) + (1760 * (2 – 1)) + 13 = 30001773

fc1/6: 30000000 + (1760 * (1 – 1)) * 256) + (1760 * (6 – 1)) + 13 = 30008813

Those are matched with entSensorValue indexex.

I captured entSensorValue MIB for an hour and generated graph bellow.


Rx amplitude for fc1/3 suddenly offline condition. I believe connected host was rebooted but double check with

show-tech log.

Unfortunately this MDS9509 was not well managed and system clock was delayed about 9 hous.

Added 9 hours in log time stamp was similar to above graph.


Please enjoy !.


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The True Fuel for AI

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In five billion years, when the sun becomes a red giant, that’s  it. It will expand to a massive size, swallowing the Earth and bursting it into thousands of pieces. In the British television show Dr. Who, The Doctor and his companion, Rose, witnessed this tragic spectacle up close, having traveled to the year 5,000,000,000 (here from 3:00 min, or here). Shortly afterwards, our home star dies due to the lack of nuclear fusion taking place in its core. Until then, it will continue to warm the Earth with its rays, as the sun is virtually … READ MORE


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AI, the Higgs Boson of the Digital World

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The four fundamental forces of physics (gravitational, electromagnetic, the weak and the strong nuclear forces), which regulate everything in our universe from the galaxy down to the particle, were created shortly after the Big Bang. Yet, it remains a mystery how they specifically function. There is a fifth force that might exist, which is shrouded by even greater mystery: dark energy, which is not dark and it only acts as a hypothetical thing indicating that the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate. Why am I mentioning all of these things? Dell is using the forces of the universe as … READ MORE


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Endpoint Protection for Client 12.1 RU6 MP9-Not managing Firewall WinServer 2016

I need a solution

Hello, we have installed Endpoint Protection for Client 12.1 RU6 MP9 but we have noticed that is not managing the Firewall in our WinServer 2016

We have Endpoint Protection for Client 12.1 RU6 MP5 installed in our WinServer 2012 R2 and is managing the firewall correctly 

Any idea please ?

Thank You



Banks as Role Models

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computer monitor with charts and graphs displayed

Let’s go on a fantastic journey today, a trip into one of the endless parallel worlds described by quantum mechanics (you’re familiar with the paradox of Schrödinger’s cat, which is simultaneously alive and dead). Many things in this world remain the same, yet many others are quite different. It could be that the sidewalks are pink and we keep squirrels as pets. Now imagine that banks in this parallel world are the role models of customer communication. They prepare a dashboard for you. It delivers more than just information on your bank transactions. It can also display your prospects of … READ MORE


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