Some Resource Groups (Azure) are not visible inside MCS wizard while catalog creation

When creating MCS catalog for Azure, master image need to be selected from its Resource Group.

While doing this, some Resource Groups are visible, and some others are not. All visible and non-visible Resource Groups were created manually and they all were working fine during initial deployment. But some of them are not visible on Studio anymore after some days.

The affected Resource Groups are neither visible in Studio nor in PoSh SDK (image.folder location in XDHyp: Posh drive). However, if we know the Resource Group name, can browse to them by typing the name manually in PoSh SDK. Subscription scope service principal is used for all Resource Groups, and we are also able to browse to them in PoSh SDK. So it is not an access related issue.

If we create new Resource Groups, they are all visible on Studio for master image selection.


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