7023249: IDM 4.6 to IDM 4.7 upgrade – Roles and Resource Driver will not start – Missing driver option: cleaup-res-history-last-days

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Identity Manager 4.7

Identity Manager Driver – Role and Resource


After upgrading from IDM 4.6 to IDM 4.7 the Role and Resource driver will not start.

The following errors is found in a level 3 startup trace of the Role and Resource driver.

Message: Missing driver option: cleaup-res-history-last-days


A new required GCV “Store resource history for days” was introduced with the Role and Resource driver in IDM 4.7.

Installing the updated Role and Resource Driver base package that ships with IDM 4.7 to the IDM package. Then deploying the updated driver, resolved the issue.


Missing cleaup-res-history-last-days GCV.


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How can I use dotted property name for Localization Resource names in a CSHS?

It seems that if I use a Localization Resource within a Client Side Human Service (CSHS) I am not supposed to use ‘.’ (dot) in a localization key. At the same time it works fine with Heritage Human Service.

The definition is the following:
![alt text][1]

[1]: /answers/storage/temp/17971-localisationresource.jpg

It is referenced in the CSHS via Client Side Script:

//tw.local.variable1 = tw.resource.localizationRes1.btn.accept;

But it throws the following error:

*tw.resource.localizationRes1.btn is undefined*

How can I use dotted property name for Localization Resource names in a CSHS?


7021463: Exactly what information does the DRA Resource Collector gather?

These are the attributes gathered by the DRA Resource Collector for each computer in each managed domain:


  • Caption
  • CheckPoint
  • Description
  • DesktopInteract
  • DisplayName
  • ErrorControl
  • ExitCode
  • PathName
  • ServiceSpecificExitCode
  • ServiceType
  • StartMode
  • StartName
  • State
  • SystemName
  • WaitHint

For a detailed description of each of the properties, check out


Event Logs

  • CreationDate
  • LogfileName
  • CSName
  • FileSize
  • MaxFileSize
  • OverwriteOutDated
  • OverWritePolicy

For a detailed description of each of the properties, check out



  • DisplayName
  • ExitCode
  • ServiceSpecificExitCode
  • StartMode
  • State
  • SystemName

For a detailed description of each of the properties, check out



  • Name
  • Path
  • Type
  • AllowMaximum
  • Description
  • MaximumAllowed


  • Attributes
  • AveragePagesPerMinute
  • Comment
  • DefaultPriority
  • DriverName
  • JobCountSinceLastReset
  • Location
  • Name
  • Parameters
  • PortName
  • PrinterState
  • PrintProcessor
  • Priority
  • SeparatorFile
  • StartTime
  • SystemName
  • UntilTime

For a detailed description of each of the properties, check out



Can resource property definition (defined in the resource template) be flown into the resources created based on the resource template?

We have defined a property definition in the resource template (e.g. ZOOKEEPER_NODE). We created a blueprint and can create environment based on this template. The components defined in the resource template can be instantiated correctly in the resource generated during environment creation. However the resource property definition defined isn’t carried over to the resource, i.e. no resource properties are generated at all. Is this a correct behavior? If yes, Is there anyway to automatically generate resource properties through a resource template? Thanks.


Can UCD automatically flow resource template property and agent prototype property into the environment specific resource/agent?

We have created a resource template and used a blueprint to associate the template to an application. We can create new environment and the the “agent prototype” correctly instantiate agent resource with the correct component tags etc.
What doesn’t seem to work is we have defined resource property (via property definition tab) for the resource template and we expect the instantiated resource for an environment (based on blueprint) should carry that resource property (e.g. “zookeeper_url” = ) for that environment. It doesn’t seem to be the case and all the resource instantiated from the template no longer has the property. Is this not supported by resource template or there is any trick to make it work?



How to suppress the warning message in DASH TCTUI1008W?

Is there anyway to suppress the warning message TCTUI1008W in jazzsm/dash when using the topology lite widget?


This data set references resource icons that are either
missing or unsupported and they cannot be displayed.
This widget does not support custome resource icons.

The warning message is displayed at every refresh interval.


Is it OK to continue disconnecting and force them closed? %1: %0