Help Setting up IDM policy

I need a solution

I’m not sure what I am doing wrong if anything. We are running Network Monitor, discover and endpoint protect 15.5 MP1.

We have not used any IDM matching in any policies as of yet but we are trying to set up some tests in order to be prepared for when we are asked to implement something similar.

I followed what I thought to be these simple instructions.…

To upload the document archive to Enforce Server

  1. Navigate to the screen Manage > Data Profiles > Indexed Documents > Configure Document Profile.

  2. Select the option Upload Document Archive to Server Now.

    Click Browse and select the ZIP file. The ZIP file can be anywhere on the same network as the Enforce Server.

    Optionally, you can type the full path and the file name if the ZIP file is local to the Enforce Server, for example:

  3. Specify one or more file name or file size filters (optional).

    See Filtering documents by file name

  4. Select one of the indexing options (optional).

    See Scheduling document profile indexing

  5. Click Save.

I simply was testing with a 1040 tax pdf document. I placed it in a folder on my local machine named tax files and then sipped it then followed the above steps. It saves but doesnt appear to do anything. If I return to that Indexed documents page I see the zip name but size shows 0.

What am I missing here?




ShareFile Search Fails

Metadata indexer will be updated in future release to ignore case of file extension.

Current workaround would be to re-upload files after updating file extension to lower case.

Command syntax example:

ren *.DOC *.doc

Same with any other relevant file types.


Currently, files greater than 20 MB are not indexed for Full Text Search, and will not appear in search results.

This feature is not available for files stored in an on-prem StorageZone.


Can IDM do all EDM does?

I need a solution

We have to make use of Remote IDM Indexing / Remote EDM Indexing for the reason that I as DLP administrator cannot directly access the confidential documents of other departments.

I am worrying the feasibility of Remote EDM Indexing if it has to be done by non-IT staff of other departments, e.g. HR. (not to mention they are willing or not to do so)

In terms of structured data, most of their confidential documents are stored in excel spreadsheet in .xlsx format. The following is an illustrated example.

    Column A   Column B   

1  Account     Password

2  User1        P@ssw0rd

3  User2        p@ssw0rd!@#$

4  User3        !@#$p@ssw0rd

If i understand right,the excel spreadsheet in .xlsx format must then be exported / converted to the formats like tab/comma delimited CSV, Text (Tab Delimited) (*.txt) for Remote EDM Indexing to work on. This seems difficult to ask staff of other departments to do so, as it is not one-off task, they will need to do this periodically or whenever there is update.

Whereas the Remote IDM Indexing is much easier and simpler which can directly index a bunch of files from shared network resource, and can run automatically with built in schedule.

I’m curious if Remote IDM Indexing can index structured data too, or can perform all the functionalities of Remote EDM Indexing; to just avoid the cumbersome and manual procedures with Remote EDM Indexing?



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what is the difference between Remote IDM Indexer and Exact Data Matching?

I need a solution

I am using DLP 14.0.

For DLP 14.0 version, it looks Remote IDM Indexer has all the functionalities of Exact Data Matching.

Q1: Exact Data Matching (EDM) can detects content that is stored in structured or tabular format, IDM is capable of detecting them too, right?

Q2:  The DLP 14.0. version I’m using does not have the option of “Load Externally Generated Index”. Pls see attachment below. Therefore to me IDM with remote indexer has one devastating avantage that it frees me from having to collect and copy all the files I want to protect to the Enforce Server. On the other hand, Exact Data Matching will need me to collect and copy all data source file to the Enforce Server (since the current version of DLP i’m using does not have “Load Externally Generated Index”.)



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Re: SourceOne Email Archive indexes are empty


I have SourceOne version 7.24.4058 installed on a Windows Server 2012 R2 VM. This instance has been installed for a few years, and indexing has always worked (for the most part). Recently, our currently active Archive Folder was reaching the maximum drive space allotted, so I created a new Archive Folder on a new drive.

After updating a new Mapped Folder, and the Organizational Policies to go along with it, the indexes on this new folder are all empty. There are 200+ volumes created, all with 100k+ items, 8 indexes, but the index size and index items are both 0. I’ve tried reindexing, but it doesn’t appear to do anything. The start and end time are instantaneous, and the indexes show a status of “Available”.

I’m currently able to do a search in SourceOne Search based on a date range, but nothing else from the emails. I’ve checked the event log, but there doesn’t appear to be any events related to indexing.

Any direction on where to go from here would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


Search does not display an error when one or more ISYS files are missing from the index

Article Number: 000509335Article Version: 04 Article Type: Break Fix

SourceOne Email Management

After running a full text index search, some results are omitted from the search results and no error is displayed. This may occur when an index is missing one or more files from the index directory (ISYS.IXA, ISYS.IXB, ISYS.IXC, xvIndex.dat, xvIndex.idx). The Native Archive ExAsSrch.exe.log will log an info event indicating an index could not be opened:

CSrchObj::OpenIndexDB|INFO|Unable to open index – index not built or doesn’t exist. ISYSError: 2015, ‘2015, ‘ERROR: Index has been configured, but not yet built: <Index Path> ‘|IndexApi.cpp(226)

This problem is caused by a software defect cited in SDR 61479.

This issue will be resolved in the 7.2 SP6 release of EMC SourceOne Email Management scheduled for Q1 2018.

EMC SourceOne Patch and Service Pack kits are available for download via



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Cannot split document using selector_tags.

I want to divide a ducument to multiple answer unit.
So I tried to use selector_tags descried in following API document.

But I got following error.

Error during indexing. The document contains a field type that is different than one with the same name in other documents
—–link text

What should I do .
I attach a config file and an input html file.


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