Deleted VDA’s from Studio But Still Showing In Citrix Director

Always take database backup before making any changes as editing the database manually can leave it unstable.

  • Look for the entries for the deleted machine in MonitorData.Machine table in monitoring database using following query and make a note of the ID of the Deleted machine

SELECT * FROM [<MonitoringDBName>].[MonitorData].[Machine] WHERE Name Like ‘%Name of Machine%

  • Make a note of the MachineID of the Deleted machine and remove the reference of the machine from MonitorData.Session Table first using the below SQL Statement:

Delete * FROM [MonitorDB].[MonitorData].[Session] WHERE MachineId = ‘DeletedMachineId’

  • Then use the below SQL statement to remove the reference of the Deleted VDA’s using the MonitorData.Machine table using the MachineID copied earlier from Monitordata.Session table.

DELETE FROM [MonitorDB].[MonitorData].[Machine] WHERE ID = ‘DeletedMachineID’


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