Custom Reporter Fields/Filters not showing up in Management Center

I need a solution

I have edited the Reporter dbfields.cfg file to enable the ‘cs_uri_path’ as a filterable option and can now see it as an option in the Reporter GUI, but when looking in the Reports section on Management Center, the filter is not present. Is there anyway it can be enabled or synced to Management Center so the filters match what is shown on the Reporter?



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Why doesn’t Filter statement of .conf file on ITM Log File Agent does not work when it has an equal character (=) in it ?

The equal character (=) is a character used for parsing the values in the Filter statement. Therefore, you are not able to use the equal characters in Filter statement directly.

Filter:Class=Logfile_Base:msg=This is a test. RC=9;

FORMAT Logfile_Base
%t %s*
date $1
msg $2

Jun 6 09:00:00 This is a test. RC=9


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How to create an unusual querystring format in the RESTRequest Node ?

I have a RESTRequest node based on a swagger file that calls a Find operation with a querystring like this:[where][FirstName]=John. In the Request property of the RESTRequest node the ‘filter’ parameter is predefined based on the swagger document. I provide a value of ‘[where][FirstName]=John’ through the LocalEnvironment.Destination.REST.Request.Parameters.filter field.

Normally this would work fine, however in this case the “=” that gets added after the filter parameter causes the REST call to fail. In other words the final querystring that gets constructed looks like ‘filter=[where][FirstName]=John’ and it should look like ‘filter[where][FirstName]=John’.

Any tips or advice how I could solve this is grealy appreciated!


How To Check Originator of Plugin Request/Response Filter

Hi All,

I am facing unique problem with ICN Plugin Request Filter.

I have 5 different kind of ICN Plugins. I created request filter in one Plugin. But this request filter gets called by all plugins [ICN’s Default Behaviour]. I have to perform some business logic that is very specific to one particular plugin. I don’t want to put that plugin in different desktop because of some reason. Is there any way to get Caller Plugin name in ICN Request /Response Filter.

**Note** : I have implemented p8/getDocument service.

Sachin Bankar


Re: SRM multiple properties in a REST query?


I’ve had some success with querying values out of the ViPR SRM REST API. I’ve got a question I was hoping someone could explain me if it is possible.

E, g. I’ve figured out that I can get ‘Capacity’ and ‘UsedCapacity’ by running two different queries specifying what property I want,e.g.



Is there a way I could combine them so I could see both capacity and used capacity in on query?

-John Fjeldberg


When creating a new filter, I want to use Conversions in Filter Conditions


WebGUI 8.1

– Login to WebGUI
– Go to Administration -> Event Management Tools -> Filters
– Create a new filter; in Filter Conditions Basic tab, define conditions. For example, selecting Severity from drop-down list, I have to enter the value of Severity in order to complete the action. I wish to use conversions instead of enter the value.

![alt text][1]

[1]: /answers/storage/temp/18232-filter-1.png