5 things you didn’t know about…: MicroProfile 1.3

Eclipse MicroProfile has just delivered five new APIs for developing Java cloud-native microservices. Get the highlights of what’s new in MicroProfile 1.3, with code examples that will have you up and running in no time.


Are RDi and Spring Tools able to co-exist in the same install?

I have a question about installing Spring tools into Rational Developer for i 9.6
I tried to install Spring Tools using the Eclipse Marketplace. It reported that it could not and was “trying alternate installs” when I canceled.

Are RDi and Spring Tools able to co-exist in the same install?


Integrating Watson Conversation with Java: receiving java.lang.ClassCastException

1) I have cloned Java SDK 4.0.0 from github.
2) created a Maven Project.
3) Imported java-sdk-3.0.0-RC1-jar-with-dependencies.jar.
4) Created a simple Workspace in Bluemix and trying to access the conversation from following Java pgm
public class MyWatsonPgm1 {
public static void main( String[] args )
try {

response = conversationAPI(input,context);
System.out.println(“Watson Response: “+ response.get(0));
context = response.getContext();
} catch (IOException e) {
public static MessageResponse conversationAPI(String input,Map context){
Conversation service = new Conversation(“2017-05-26”);


unable to deploy nodejs app from devops


I am pretty new to nodejs and am trying to run thru the instructions as mentioned in the book above. it took me thru creating the nodejs instance and creating the tool chain. I then went on to create the manifest json and app.js files in the eclipse IDE. Now when I click on Deploy link it says not authenticated.

Is it because the eclipse IDE opened in UK whereas my app is in Sydney region?


IBM Installation Manager can not start from GUI mode


OMNIbus 8.1

We are seeing this problem when we use Installation Manager to install OMNIbus probes on RHEL 6.5. The following message are shown after starting IBMIM:


java: cairo-misc.c:380: _cairo_operator_bounded_by_source: Assertion `NOT_REACHED’ failed.
JVMDUMP006I Processing dump event “abort”, detail “” – please wait.
JVMDUMP032I JVM requested System dump using ‘/root/IBM/InstallationManager/eclipse/core.20141024.******.*****.0001.dmp’ in response to an event
JVMPORT030W /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern setting “|/usr/libexec/abrt-hook-ccpp %s %c %p %u %g %t e” specifies that the core dump is to be piped to an external program. Attempting to rename either core or core.22340.
JVMDUMP010I System dump written to /root/IBM/InstallationManager/eclipse/core.20141024.******.*****.0001.dmp
JVMDUMP032I JVM requested Java dump using ‘/root/IBM/InstallationManager/eclipse/javacore.20141024.******.*****.0002.txt’ in response to an event
JVMDUMP010I Java dump written to /root/IBM/InstallationManager/eclipse/javacore.20141024.******.*****.0002.txt
JVMDUMP032I JVM requested Snap dump using ‘/root/IBM/InstallationManager/eclipse/Snap.20141024.******.*****.0003.trc’ in response to an event
JVMDUMP010I Snap dump written to /root/IBM/InstallationManager/eclipse/Snap.20141024.******.*****.0003.trc
JVMDUMP013I Processed dump event “abort”, detail “”.

How to fix this and install OMNIbus 8.1 via GUI mode ?


z/OS Connect EE V3 Build Tool Kit SDK – Looking for more detailed information on how to use it

I understand how to use the CLI of the Build Tool Kit to build the artifacts required for an outbound API. I’m now trying to understand what the SDK version of the Tool Kit is, and what it provides. So far I’ve only found very little documentation about it. From the knowledge center (https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/en/SS4SVW_3.0.0/com.ibm.zosconnect.doc/overview/build_toolkit.html) I found this statement: “The compressed file contains both the command line interface (CLI) and Software Development Kit (SDK) versions of zconbt. A readme file that contains instructions on how to use zconbt is included in the package.” I read through the readme file, but did not find anything about how to use the SDK.

From the knowledge center, I also found this link: https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/en/SS4SVW_3.0.0/com.ibm.zosconnect.doc/designing/sar_build_sdk.html

This link looks like it is trying to explain how to use the SDK in an existing IDE….

1) In your IDE, create a Map object to contain the properties required to build the service archive file.

2) Create a SARGenerator object passing in the Map created in Step 1. If any properties are invalid, an InvalidPropertyException occurs. The error message contains the property in error and the reason.

3) Save the service archive file. Call the save() method and pass the filename. For example

4) You can now deploy the service archive file by copying it to the services directory.

Is the SDK really designed for vendors to be able to integrate the Build Tool kit into their product interfaces?

Or is it intended for z/OS Connect EE customers to be able to use themselves?
If the latter, would the customer could have to build their own User Interface for the SDK?

Any detailed information that you can share on the SDK is greatly appreciated.

Thank you