GitHub integration’s ‘Track deployment of code changes’ doesn’t seem to work

Using an existing toolchain that contains a GitHub and a Delivery Pipeline, I reconfigured my GitHub integration as follows:
1. In the toolchain, I selected the GitHub tile
2. Right clicked, and chose ‘Configure’
3. In the ‘Configure the Integration’ page, I selected ‘Existing’ for the ‘Repository type’
4. Then I checked the ‘Track deployment of code changes’ checkbox
5. And hit Save
Then I made a change in my GitHub repository and let the pipeline re-deploy my application.
When I looked at the GitHub repository, there was no labels or tags added indicating the deployment happened.

I verified that if I create a new toolchain, the above works correctly.

Can someone please help?


Getting Git error when running the Chaincode DeploySpec in Bluemix

My code from “Build your first Chaincode” course (with changes) compiles, I am able to upload correctly to GitHub, and I can log in through the API following the steps/instructions. When I try to run the DeploySpec API in BlueMix I get the error below. Read some articles saying it might be related to using Git to push from a Mac client into GitHub, but none of the suggested solutions worked. Do you know what the issue might be?

(path is correct, replaced git username with “xxxxx”

“data”: “Error when deploying chaincode: Error getting chaincode package bytes:
Error getting code ‘go get’ failed with error: “exit status 1″n# cd .;
git clone /opt/gopath/_usercode_/621299622/src/
Cloning into ‘/opt/gopath/_usercode_/621299622/src/’…n
fatal: could not read Username for ‘’: No such device or addressnpackage exit status 128n”