SUBJECT in regex

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At this moment there is a spam  outbreak at our company. The problem is the filtering for this spam. The only way to recognise it is by the name of the attachment wich contains a part of the subject.

The attachment has a name like nolan234.pdf and the subject wil be like p.bakker : nolan234.pdf .

My idea was to create an regex filter wich uses the first part of the attachment (nolan24) and check if the last part off the subject contains this name. (could also be vice versa.. check if the attachment uses the last part of the subject).

But how to use the variable made from the subject is an regex ? is it possible to get a part of the subject.. put it in a variable and use it in a regex ?

Whe use Symantec Mail security for Exchange 7.5.6

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spam policies in SMG

I need a solution

i have some confused with the defult spam policies in SMG, the third and last policy it is seem same but in the third one the action is delete the message for the Spam or Suspected Spam and the last policy deliver message for the Spam or Suspected Spam. and both if them is enabled.

is there any conflict between these 2 policy.

if the spam policy is not mapped to any group policy it will be work or not 

many thanks