Re: Li-ion SPS modules

The Li Ion SPS is a FRUable 10-lb battery, removed from the front of the system. The SPS transports separately and will be part of the install procedure. SPS units have 2.2KW capacity, and provide two five-minute intervals of battery life to allow vaulting in the event of a power failure. In System Bay 1 of a single engine bay, there are up to two SPS trays (four SPSs total) to support the engine and Fabric, if installed. In System Bays 2 through 8, there is only one SPS tray (two SPSs) to support the engine.

When installed in System Bay 1, SPS 1A and 1B are cabled to both the engine and the fabric, and SPS 3A and 3B are also cabled to both the engine and the fabric. This is true in multi-engine systems only. In single engine systems, SPS 3A and 3B support the engine only.


Re: VNX SPS replacement – is it non-disruptive?


I’ve got a VNX5100 with two SPs and two SPSs and one of the SPSs has failed.

The array is continuing to operate as normal and the write cache is enabled.

Can anyone confirm if the SPS replacement is non-disruptive and if there is a documented procedure for doing the replacement?

I’ve tried to find a procedure on SoLVe but there does not seem to be anything for SPSs.

My understanding of the SP and PSU design is that the PSUs are connected to the SPSs (one PSU per SPS) and power a common power bus in the DPE enclosure from which the SPs and drives draw power. This allows both for non-disruptive PSU replacement and I think non-disruptive SPS replacement. I’d like this confirmed before doing the actual replacement.

We are assuming/hoping but want confirmation that we can do the following:

  • with SPS A functional and SP A and SP B operating
    • power off SPS B using its power switch
    • SP B will continue to operate as it will continue to receive power via SPS A via SP A and the common power bus
    • disconnect SPS B
    • remove SPS B
    • insert replacement SPS
    • connect replacement SPS
    • power on replacement SPS

Can anyone confirm this?


SPSS error message when trying to do home work

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Accepted answer

Answer by Adri.P (9593) |Feb 01 at 11:12 AM

Hi @bcecil This issue is caused by a conflict with some of the files in the C run-time libraries. Go to your SPSS Statistics installation folder and install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package:C:Program FilesIBMSPSSStatistics\VC9vcredist_x64.exe Regards, Adri

SPSS account problem

I had a SPSS account, installed SPSS Modeler, played with, and stopped using.
After 1 year blank period, now I am trying to log in SPSS License Key Center to start using SPSS Modeler again.
Since I forgot my password, I clicked “Forgot my Password” of Log In page, and the site displays I will be receiving password reset confirmation email in a couple of minutes.
I have waited 60+ minutes but no pw reset confirmation email comes to my email inbox of SPSS account.
Could anyone help me on this, please?


Cannot verify license

We’ve purchased a 1-year SPSS License + Decision Trees.

I’ve installed the app and when I launch it I get the following message:

Cannot verify license. Please ensure you have internet access and click Retry. If you already have internet access see your firewall documentation for instructions on how to whitelist an application. Or consult your system administrator (and communicate the following URL to them:

We are unable to access the internet directly from that machine. Is there another way to activate the software?


I have installed the program, how do I get it to run on my computer?

I have a MacBookPro – MacOS Sierre version 10.12.6, I recently purchased the IBM SPSS Statistics Base GradPack 25 for Mac (6month rental). I am able to download it onto my computer from the website I purchased it (, once it is on my desktop, I click on the icon and install it. Installation completed, so I reopen the icon that is on my desktop and it continuously has me -reinstall the program. I have done this several times. I had a IT person help me, they thought I needed Jave 6 or 7, you are no longer able to get that so I downloaded java 8 and did the same process all over again and it still does not work.