SEP client showing as out-of-date

I need a solution

Hi, we were running SEP14.2 RU1MP1. The SEP Manager is running fine and is distributing updates to the SEP clients. The clients show that they are connected to the SEP Manager and are receiving updates and policies. The issue is that when you open the SEP client GUI, it says that the client is out of date. Virus and Spyware, PTP and NTP updates are all up-to-date. I have checked between the Endpoint client, SEP Manager, and from Symantec site. They are all the same with the latest definitions update versions. What can I check for? What is causing this issue? We do not even see the green dots on the SEP client icon as the client thinks that it is out-of-date. Note, it is happening on all the SEP clients. We have upgrared to SEP14.2RU2. The issue still exists.

 Thanks in advanced, MabundaG



out of date definitions message

I need a solution

hi everyone

under sepm>policy>virus and spyware protection policy>miscellnious>notifications

i can get the end user to get a message after x amount of days that the definitions are out of date

but i can only get the message to appear once every reboot, not after. is there a way to get the messae to “annoy” the end user to take action? say a few times a day?

thank you



Problem with viruses, high system resource usage!

I need a solution


Need help!

On 18 October the SMG discovered significant increase in amount of malware threats/viruses, (inbound email message summary):

Also, I am getting some emails, SUBJECT: “Symantec Messaging Gateway Alert – Outbreak detection”

======================= ALERT NOTIFICATION ================================               

The system detected 453415 viruses in the past 1 day.  

Virus: 453415
Worms: 0
Encrypted attachment: 4
Suspect Virus: 0
Adware and Spyware: 0 

Our scanners are dealing with lot of virus messages and the system resource usage is pretty high:
Sometimes CPU Usage is between 80-100%:

All Scanners: processor cores: 4, total memory: 12 GB, disk: 120 GB. (Backup scanner means that MX record is not defined).

And emails like that: SUBJECT: “Symantec Messaging Gateway Alert – Swap space utilization exceeds the configured limits”

The swap space utilization on the following hosts has reached the threshold (60%):  
Host                     Swap used                Swap free                Date
xxx               6,950,740 KB (66%)       3,583,492 KB (34%)       Thu Oct 24 14:30:02 EEST 2019

Are there any good ideas out there? How to avoid or reject these massive virus overload…



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