ShareFile Sync – Extra 'New Folder' created from File Explorer

Why does ShareFile have an additional “New Folder” created when creating and renaming a new folder via File Explorer?

For accounts that have requested the “Creator Can Delete” setting disabled, when a user without the Delete permission on a folder creates a new folder within the File Explorer window, an additional “New Folder” is created. This behavior is a byproduct of how the sync app communicates the folder Rename action to the ShareFile account when a user that cannot delete attempts to rename the new folder. To avoid this behavior, consider creating new folders locally before adding them to the desired location within Sync, so they may be treated as an upload by the system.


What happens when deleting content from ShareFile Sync

Deleting Files from a Sync Location

When you delete a file from your sync location, it is moved to the local Recycle Bin of your PC. If you share a sync location with another user and you delete a file, the file will be moved to the local Recycle Bin of your PC AND the local Recycle Bin of any user currently synced to that location. For example: Both my colleague and I have installed Sync for Windows on our respective computers and have access to a Shared Folder. When I delete a file from the folder, the file will also be deleted from my colleague’s computer. Either my colleague or I can restore the file from our local Recycle Bins.


Document not saved and Invalid Disk

I need a solution

I’m having two odd issues.  I have encrytion being done based on Active Directory Groups.  There is a single user in group one that has an issue where some office documents they cannot save, when they try they get “Document Not Saved”.  This is odd because it is only happening to one person in the group and this person can save some files in the encrypted network share but not others.

The second person is trying to rename a folder but gets “Invalid Disk”.  This folder they are trying to rename is at the top level of their encrypted share.  I had them go down one level and try to rename one of those folders and they could without issue.

Some troubleshooting steps I have taken are the following:

– I had both users attempt to complete their task in an unencrypted location.  I also had them try to compmlete their task with the same files/folders in a decrypted state and both situations worked.

– I have compared both users to other users in the group that are not having issues.  All PGP settings and NTFS settings are identical.

– I have removed PGP and its associated folders from the two user’s computers and completely re-installed.  This did not help.

Any thoughts?