Chrome Launches with Error: “Extension might have been corrupted and unable to connect to websocket” with Citrix UPM

Make the following modifications to UPM policy:

Files to Synchronize:

AppDataLocalGoogleChromeUserDataFirst Run

AppDataLocalGoogleChromeUserDataLocal State





AppDataLocalGoogleChromeUserDataCustom Dictionary.txt

Folders to Mirror:


Directories to synchronize:


Disable profile streaming


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Target device fails to boot with “vDisk is locked. 0xffff800c”

When a target device boots up with the assigned vdisk, a lock gets created on that vdisk. The locked vDisk icon appears with a small lock on it.

Under certain circumstances the locks are not released properly. In cases where a target device tries and fails to boot with a specific vdisk, the locks do not get released properly. If the same target device boots again, the same lock is used and no problem occurs.


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Error Message: Cannot Start Desktop “[DesktopName]” When Trying to Launch a Desktop VDA

Open an RDP connection to the Desktop VDA that cannot be launched and check if there is another existing connected/disconnected session in the Task manager. If that is the case then logoff the session and try to launch the published Desktop again.

Note: If the session cannot be logged of from the Task Manager, that probably is because it is an administrator account. Administrator accounts cannot be logged off from the Task Manager. In that case try to contact the person who owns the administrator account and request to logoff. Otherwise, proceed to reboot the host. Then try to launch the published Desktop again.


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VDA installation fails with error “Citrix HDX WS x64 — Error 1723. There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A DLL required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor. Action CA_SetWin10”

Steps :

1 – Extract the VDI.exe setup using winrar tool, navigate to Image-FullSupportVcRedist_2017 folder.

2 – Run the VC setup one after the other and select of the setup got repaired successfully and rebooted of VDI was performed.

3 – Repair performance counter on the machine.

4 – Unregister and then re-register the Windows Installer Service.

Click Start > Run, and type msiexec /unreg in the Open text box; click OK.

Click Start > Run, and type msiexec /regserver in the Open text box; click OK.

5. navigate to c:users”username”AppDataLocal then right click on “temp” and choose “properties”. Choose “security” –> edit –> add, and add the username you are using to install, and provide full rights to the account.

6 – rebooted the machine and start the VDA setup now.


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Cisco IOS XR Software Enhanced Preboot eXecution Environment Unsigned Code Execution Vulnerability

A vulnerability in the enhanced Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE) boot loader for Cisco IOS XR 64-bit Software could allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to execute unsigned code during the PXE boot process on an affected device. The PXE boot loader is part of the BIOS and runs over the management interface of hardware platforms that are running Cisco IOS XR Software only.

The vulnerability exists because internal commands that are issued when the PXE network boot process is loading a software image are not properly verified. An attacker could exploit this vulnerability by compromising the PXE boot server and replacing a valid software image with a malicious one. Alternatively, the attacker could impersonate the PXE boot server and send a PXE boot reply with a malicious file. A successful exploit could allow the attacker to execute unsigned code on the affected device.

Note: To fix this vulnerability, both the Cisco IOS XR Software and the BIOS must be upgraded. The BIOS code is included in Cisco IOS XR Software but might require additional installation steps. For further information, see the Fixed Software section of this advisory.

Cisco has released software updates that address this vulnerability. There are no workarounds that address this vulnerability.

This advisory is available at the following link:

Security Impact Rating: High

CVE: CVE-2020-3284


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Error:”Operation Not Permitted” on NetScaler VPX on Hyper-V while modifying interface

In ns.logs it was observed that other parameters are also getting set while making changes to the inteface Alias from GUI.The parameter which was failing was the set ha monitor ON parameter.



ns.log.0:Sep 15 15:59:04 <> 09/15/2015:20:59:04 GMT NLR-A-NS01 0-PPE-0 : default GUI CMD_EXECUTED 139 0 : User nsroot – Remote_ip – Command “set interface 0/1 -speed AUTO -duplex AUTO -flowControl OFF -autoneg ENABLED -haMonitor ON -mtu 1500 -tagall OFF -state ENABLED -lacpMode DISABLED -lagtype NODE -ifAlias MANAGEMENT -throughput 0 -linkRedundancy OFF -bandwidthHigh 0 -bandwidthNormal 0 -intftype “Hyper v” -ifnum 0/1 -lldpmode NONE -lrsetPriority 1024″ – Status “ERROR: Operation not permitted”

This an expected behaviour as per Issue Id: TSK0312538

When VPX is installed on top of a hypervisor – the interfaces are registered based on what the hypervisors expose.

There will be several parameter given back to VPX when it tries to register – physical link state being one of them.

The way the drivers are written specific to each hypervisor is different – and in case of Hyper-V the physical link state information is not passed through the virtual interface, unlike Xenserver which passes on this information.

As a result since VPX does not have link state information in case of Hyper-V it will flag this information and on execution of the HAMON set command rejects as it does not apply in this scenario.

User-added image


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Error: “Socket Operation on Non-Socket” and “Error 1030” When Launching Apps and Desktop Through NetScaler Gateway

  • Change the NetScaler Gateway setting from SmartAccess mode to Basic mode. For more information refer to CTX125567 – How to Configure NetScaler Gateway with Unlimited ICA Connections.

    Note: in latest 11.0 and 10.5 builds the SmartAccess mode and Basic mode options are replaced as below:

    SmartAccessmode is when “ICAOnly” checkbox is unchecked under Gateway vserver

    Basic mode is when “ICAOnly’ checkbox is checked under Gateway vserver

    User-added image

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