ShareFile Migration Tool – Manage Schedules

Manage Schedules:

Schedules allow you to choose when transfers are to be run. Admin can use this option to run migrations at times outside of peak usage hours.

Created schedules will be listed in this menu. Click Create New Schedule to make a new one.

Admin can View, Edit or Delete the schedules created using the options provided.

User-added image

NOTE: Large data migration can be handled in better ways using Scheduler. We can schedule transfers outside of peak hours for max bandwidth and speed.

After the user creates a scheduler, the schedules should reflect correctly in Task Scheduler.

Make sure correct details have been added to task scheduler. When there are multiple slots selected, multiple instances should be added in Task Scheduler. Task Scheduler on that machine triggers the event to start migration tool and any migration scheduled in that time frame gets started.

Note: It is required that task scheduler should be working seamlessly on the machine where the tool is being run. And it is required that the user who scheduled the migration should be logged in. If User is not logged in, migration would not be initiated in that specific time slot.

ShareFile-induced Transfer Pause

In the unlikely event of the transfer causing too much traffic on the ShareFile infrastructure, ShareFile may pause the transfer. The Migration Tool will continuously attempt to resume transfer during this time. A warning message will be presented at the bottom of the transferring screen. The user will be unable to manually un-pause the transfer, but can cancel the transfer if desired.

If the number of retries exceeds 48, please contact ShareFile Support.

If the user receives the warning message: “Your account is currently not available to perform transfers”, the ShareFile-induced pause may still be enabled. The user can either wait for this to be resolved or try again later by closing and relaunching the application.


Report and Email on a particular JobTask error or failed

I need a solution

I see there is a report for “All Jobs/Tasks – Failed”.  I have managed to tie this report into an Automation Policy to run every hour and send an emailed report only on non empty data. However, what I need and am trying to do is the same but for only 1 specfic Job/Task Failed and NOT all.  I am not sure how to do this if anyone can help!

So to break this down what I am looking for .

  • Task ABC runs at its scheduled every hour.
  • If Task ABC is not success then send an email to ABC group reporting this specif task failed and its assiciated information (task/job name,date/time failed,error information etc..) and continue to run on schedule.
  • If TASK ABC is success do nothing no email just continue to run on schedule.


Sql query for jobs and tasks with the last run date for each

I need a solution

I have been looking on the internet  forums and places for a sql query that can give me the list of all the jobs and tasks in my cmdb database and show the last time is has been run against a workstations.    I am looking to clean up all the old tasks that are not used without having to click each and every folder and task and job in my Console.   

If anyone has made a query like this one would you mind sharing. 

Thanks  Greg



How to not allow a particular user to create a batch using scanplus

Hi Experts,

I have a query, we have a need to not allow some set of users from creating batched.

Im doing this validation in ScanPlus as soon as the batch creation starts.

Im able to show the validation message saying you cannot create a batch. But unable to kick the user out of the batch screen. User still gets the finish button.

How to forcefully delete the batch and bring the user back to the PRocess Selection page?

How do i get the details of the method to be overwritten? Can I have some sample code?

I tried BeforeBatchClose from IScanPlusTaskEvents but seems like thats not getting invoked.




Tasks Show up From an App that Should not be Shown

BPM 8.5.7 Process Center Portal Displays Tasks from Other Apps
Problem description and business impact
In our Process Center portal, we are seeing tasks listed from other
process apps. So, far only this process app (MFT) is experiencing the

Attached is a display of our custom portal, which only displays the MFT
tasks and BPM Portal which also lists one other task from a non MFT app.

How do we suppress the tasks from the other process apps?


BPM Tracking the life of a task after it gets claimed


I am new to IBM BPM but I have worked with other BPM products.

I would like to understand how IBM BPM tracks the life of a task once it’s claimed by a user. Please understand that this is not to be confused with the Task Status that can be “Open”, “Assigned”, “Claimed”, “Started”, “Completed”, “Due in 1 day” etc.

For example, let’s say I have claimed a task. While I am working on the task, I may want to indicate what work I have done on the task (Ex: “Called Customer”, “Waiting for Customer Call-Back”, “Unable to reach Customer”, “Resolved the Issue”). Some of these task status values may indicate that I have completed the task (For example, “Unable to Reach Customer” and “Resolved the Issue” is equivalent to completing the task while the others indicate that it is Work in Progress).

And, these WIP statuses are task-dependent. The above values may be related to a Customer Issue Resolution Task but I may have other tasks which will have their own set of WIP status.

Does IBM BPM provide support for such requirements?