Copy to Share – Ignore subnet shared Folders – Endpoint

I need a solution


We have DLP 14.6 installed in our enviroment, we want to ignore the monitoring of some subnets(for example 172.16.X.X), and monitoring any others.

Where i can add the ignored subnet? in Agent Configuration? 

Thanks in advance




Simple, Scalable, Containerized Deep Learning using Nauta

Deep learning is hard. Between organizing, cleaning and labeling data, selecting the right neural network topology, picking the right hyperparameters, and then waiting – hoping – that the model produced is accurate enough to put into production. It can seem like an impossible puzzle for your data science team to solve. But the IT aspect of the puzzle is no less complicated, especially when the environment needs to be multi-user and support distributed model training. From choosing an operating system, to installing libraries, frameworks, dependencies, and development platforms, building the infrastructure to support your company’s deep … READ MORE


Line Items with sub-line items – is there easy way to achieve?

Our customer has one issue – he has multiple lineitems fields – this is completely normal and OK. But he needs more lineitems, which have to be UNDER normal lineitem and again another lineitems under THIS sub-line item..

Is there any easy way to do this?

Thank you in advance.

I.E. : —–>

Lineitem 1 —->Lineitem1.1,Lineitem1.2., Lineitem 1.3…….Lineitem 1.15

Lineitem 1.1 —> Lineitem 1.1.1, Lineitem1.1.2…….Lineitem1.1.15


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Unable to recreate SSL cert on VNXe3100

I have used the tech article number 000323922 – How to regenerate a default SSL certificate or replace an expired SSL certificate, but it’s not working. When I run the command svc_initial_config a f VNXeHOSTNAME n “New_IP_address subnet gateway”, I receive the error

Error: this system has already been initialized with the following configuration:

friendly name=FriendlyName

ip=IP_address subnet gateway

We are upgrading to a VNXe3200 in the next month but I would still like to be able to get my old 3100 added to the Unisphere Console so I can manage both from a single pane. I know the 3100 is going EOL next year but this would be a big timesaver if I could get this working. I am no longer under support with EMC for this device and paying the astronomical amount for one time support is out of the question, since we are deprecating the device anyway.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.