SDWAN Center: Getting “An internal error has occurred” while trying to fetch Virtual path details using the NITRO API Command

Its a day 0 code issue in both UI(Reporting) and APIs for paths and virtual paths when we fetch all attributes and the selected time interval is greater than 1 hour.

There are 3 attributes which have a problem –wan_to_lan_best_one_way_time_max_latency_ms, wan_to_lan_best_one_way_time_min_latency_ms, wan_to_lan_min_jitter_ms

To work around the issue the api should use the attribute filter (where we specify a comma separated list of attributes) and ensure to exclude the above 3 attributes as shown in the below workaround.


curl -X GET -b cookies.txt “https:// /sdwan_center/nitro/v1/reports/virtual_paths?page=size:650;number:1&filter=last_by:day&attrs=lan_to_wan_bandwidth,wan_to_lan_bandwidth,percent_up_time” -v


Issue is fixed in 11.4.1 . Upgrade to 11.4.1 to fix the issue.


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Android Receiver Unable to Enumerate/Launch Resources After Upgrade to NetScaler 11.0

This issue is caused by the AppFlow feature which breaks app enumeration on Android Receiver after upgrading to NetScaler 11.0 build. In AppFlow there are two separate functions: page tracking and client side measurements.

Page tracking is to show the waterfall chart for the webpage. A cookie is inserted for page tracking when AppFlow is enabled. Enabling or disabling clientSideMeasurements will not affect cookie sending.

Untill version 10.5, page tracking could be disabled by disabling clientSideMeasurements param in AppFlow action. From NetScaler 11.0, page tracking was separated from client side measurements. So, cookie is always inserted if AppFlow is enabled. From NetScaler version 11.0.65.x build an option to disable page tracking is added which will be enabled by default.

Further on the Receiver side code changes are being implemented to accept this AppFlow insert cookie.

From the NetScaler trace you can clearly see this behavior:

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Dell and Basel Action Network Team up to Track E-Waste

EMC logo

collection of circuit and mother boards that have been removed from computers for recycling

Having worked in tech for the last 25 years, I have geeked out on my fair share of new devices. But nothing gets me more excited than the opportunity to deploy tech in ways that can solve real challenges. This week in partnership with the Basel Action Network (BAN), I’m thrilled to introduce a new pilot program that will use global tracking technology utilized by BAN to provide greater transparency into our own US electronics recycling programs. As part of BAN’s new EarthEye tracking service, the trackers will be placed on non-working electronics that enter our consumer takeback programs and … READ MORE


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How to track and locate device on Xenmobile


How to track and locate the device on XenMobile


XenMobile tracks all of the device’s location after customers’ send the locate request. It would report the last known location of the device when the GPS is on.

For more reference please refer the following article :

Locate: Locates a device and reports the device location, including a map, on theManage >, underDevice details > General.

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Adding tracking pixels

I’m trying to add a tracking pixel on the Web Tracker page via Workbench. We currently use it for various vendors.

When I clicked on ‘save’ after adding this latest tracking pixel I received an error that indicated that Web Tracker can only contain 2500 characters and it now has 2993 with this latest addition.

How do I get passed this? Does this mean I can’t add the latest tracking pixel?

Also, in the parent window it shows the Confirmation (job/apply) and Confirmatio (submit resume/CV) boxes are checked. I’m in the process of removing the resume page so should this box now be unchecked?