Published Application Launch Hangs at “Connection established. Negotiating capabilities”

During session launch Citrix Profile Management Service identifies if the user should be processed and also determines the path where the User Profile is stored.

If the Policy contains any variables in the User Store profile path, these will be completed at run time. During the logon process a delay occurs for hostname resolution of the profile share during the lookup phase for the user profile path.


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Office 365 activation issue with Windows 10 VDI's created through Citrix App Layering

Solution 1:

Apply the below registry changes on the VDI:

HKCUsoftwaremicrosoft to enable its inheritance (right click -> permissions -> advanced, click ‘Enable inheritance’, click ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’)

This setting have been identified to fix the Office 365 shared licensing activation.

Solution 2:

The code fix has already added to LTSR 1912 CU1 & CU2 and later current releases. The issue only exists for profiles that are created by 1912 RTM UPM.

So if we logon a brand new account, there should be no issue for 1912 CU2.

For existing users whose profiles were created using 1912 RTM, we should delete both local profile and userstore profile for problematic accounts and logon again (then those account would be like brand new accounts without profiles) , which will also resolve the issue.


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Storefront 3.12: Authentication issue after the upgrade, Logons expired. When only single DDC is added for logon restriction.

This is due to the discrepancy on how to handle the situation of partial success in enumeration(meaning some sites return success, but some return failures), initially we decided to show end users as much as possible, thus in your customer deployment, the user vdi were enumerated even though the enumeration in other DDCs(where user logon is not allowed) failed. But later we decided to at least prioritize the authentication failures, that’s why it fails the entire enumeration.

So with 3.12 the behavior of adding all DDCs for user to logon is expected, if that’s not acceptable, you can suggest customer to configure user mapping, so enumeration for a particular user shall only contact specified sites/DDCs.


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