PDO is it safe against SQL injection to prepare and execute an SQL statement or do i have to bind …

Is it safe to just prepare and execute without binding? I found some answers on the internet but it seems like everybody has a different opinion on this. $db->prepare(“INSERT INTO table (`column`) VALUES (:value)”); $db->execute([‘value’ => ‘Something.’]);. pdo · share. asked 3 mins ago. emma. 196.


ServiceNow IBM Gateway – How can I force the gateway convert a snow field reference to a value to populate omnibus alert?


We use the ServiceNow IBM Gateway to create tickets for netcool alerts. One of the issues we have is that the gateway takes the sys_id of any SNOW field whose value is a reference rather than the real value.

For instance, if we want the gateway to take the “cmdb_ci” field of a ticket and put it in a netcool alert field, the gateway populates the netcool field with the sys_id of a CI rather than the CI name.

is there a way to force the gateway translate the reference to a real value and use that to populate the netcool field?

Thank you


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Limit in adding entities and synonyms

Hi all,

We need to add entities and it synonyms dynamically in watson. For example we need to store the names (as we are not getting all the name via @sys-name) or say some other values dynamically as user enters it.
What will we do if the values and synonyms reached its limit?

Can we upgrade it to unlimited?

If not please suggest a better way to handle this.

Thanks in advance